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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

amd graphic card no longer working after game crash

I bought a AMD graphic card about 3 or 4 years ago and it worked great. A few days ago i was playing a game called kenshi and my pc crashed. I never had to hard reset my computer b4 but it was unresponsive this time. When I turn my computer back on i noticed that everything was working and running but my HD monitor I recently bought was flickering from HD to Analog nothing else showing. A few days later i took my old NON HD monitor out and it works i'm able to use my computer again. I'm not sure which graphics card i bought because it was a few years ago so i figured i'll search the drive manager to get the name and saw that the graphic card i put it in wasnt there anymore. My pc reverted back to the built in card it originally came with. Is there a way to check if the AMD card is still good? should I try and take it out and make sure its not damaged or reinstall a software?

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