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Adept II

AMD CSGO Loading Bug on current graphics hardware / drivers?

Hello Community,

a few months ago, i sold my GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and bought a 6900XT. One of my most played games is Counter Strike : Global Offensive. Since changing to the red team, i am experiencing a strange problem.

Problem description:

When loading any map in competitive matchmaking or on private hosted servers, the game gets stuck on the loading screen while "recieving server information". Normally, the process of loading a game in CSGO takes less than 20 seconds on a modern system and in some cases, the game indeed loads that fast.

But in most cases (approx. 80% of all tries), the game will get stuck for a long time at this stage. The game will freeze for about 10 seconds to several minutes (!). During this time, it is shown as "not responding" in the Task Manager. After that, the game will load and run absolutely normal.

I never had this error before changing to AMD and i tried various things to get rid of the problem:

- Reinstalled Windows
- checked game files for integrity via Steam
- reinstalled the game
- ran the game in Administrator mode
- tried all fixes i could find on the internet, including several startup parameters, config-changes, ...
- updated all drivers (including VGA) to the newest version available
- updated motherboard UEFI
- reported this problem various times by using the Driver-Bug-Reporting-Tool

Unfortunately, nothing helps.

System configuration:
- AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
- Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro with newest UEFI-Revision 33h
- 64GB DDR4-3600 CL16
- Radeon 6900XT Reference with newest Adrenalin driver 
- Seasonic Focus PX-850 Platinum PSU
- Samsung 1TB 980 Pro SSD
- Windows 10 x64 20H2
- ASUS PG278QR WQHD-Display @144hz

First, i did think that this is some kind of strange system-related problem which cannot be solved, but then my girlfriend changed from a GTX 1060 to a Radeon 6700XT and is experiencing the exact same problem now. Her system is completely different to mine, but the problem is exactly the same.

Her system specs:
- Intel Core i5 11600K
- 16GB DDR4-3200 CL18
- Asrock B560 Pro4 Motherboard with newest UEFI
- Radeon 6700XT Reference with newest Adrenalin driver 
- EVGA 650W Gold PSU
- Samsung 980 Pro 512 GB SSD
- Windows 10 x64 20H2
- iiyama FullHD 60Hz Display


I would really appreciate any help, because this problem is really annoying and leads to missing the start of a game or even getting kicked / time-banned in competitive because i cannot join before the game starts. 

Thank you very much in advance for your time and your help.

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Journeyman III

Even after latest update, 6750xt still has the same problem, only solution for me is playing 1080p native res, even with that there is 2mins delay but when i play 4:3 strecthed i cant connect to 2nd map and it takes around 5-6 minutes just to say me that "you are timed out", i get banned frequently from my mm games bcs i cant connect to 2nd map. I restart my game after every server i connect. This is like a joke in 2023. My old rx580 was way more realiable than this new one. I sincerely regret buying 6750xt over 3070 just bcs it was cheaper. I have 6k hours of csgo and i had very bad PCs in the past years, but what makes me sad is just after i upgraded my pc and maybe i would get best experience in csgo, i get this problem and it is not the only problem. I cant play 4:3 streched smooth bcs my monitor res stays 1080p, and when i use CRU and change monitor res, it is really blurry. It was WAY MORE BETTER when i used rx580. Buy green team boys, dont make the same mistake i did

Adept I

I forwarded the problem to the developers with a link here. I will eventually sell my 6700xt and switch to Nvidia. it's really embarrassing this problem.

Adept I


I get this answer.

Thanks for reaching out to report this.

I have taken note of your report and passed it onto the CS:GO developers for investigation. We appreciate you letting us know about this, and the devs will take action based on what they find. Please keep an eye on the CS:GO blog for updates.

Steam Support


That is the exact same answer I got far more than one year ago, when i reported this issue the first time. Absolutely ridiculous.


They won't fix it, because they don't care.

Journeyman III

Hello, I recently updated and nothing, I have an rx 6600xt and the same problem still continues in csgo when they are going to solve it and when using it with the launch option disable dirext9 the game started to crash and it is unplayable that way so I have to open and close the game millions of times after finishing a game, a disappointment really.



Adept I

UPDATE: if I enter -disable_d3d9ex in the start option, then the maps load in a matter of seconds every time. I play WQHD on the highest settings without any game crashes or other problems. 6700XT

Adept I


After more than an hour of play, it still has problems.


When you use  -disable_d3d9ex  you have to put textures on LOW. Other wise it will not work.....

Adept I

RX6600, same problem

Adept I

i don't want to be toxic - but cs:go is one of the most popular games out there.  you'd figure there would be a sense of urgency to look into this no?  we're closing in on 2 years   

Adept III

It seems Intel take CS:GO seriously enough to rewrite the drivers for their ARC series and headline the 100% performance gains. In particular gains seen in…… CS:GO . As the A750 prices are falling it might resolve the problem before it starts for people looking to get a new card. It appears where there is a will there is a way…

Adept I

I'm throwing my experience in the ring here, I have sent 2 bug reports to AMD about this. Got 6650xt in December and didn't play too much CSGO until recently to finally really truly experience how horrible this is. From testing everything I can think of I also have this as a way to reproduce this bug.

Play CSGO, Low settings, Vsync off and NATIVE resolution for me it's 1080p. When the next map changes it will take less than 15 seconds.

Now do everything the same BUT change the resolution to something lower like 1280x960. Then the 2 minute load time kicks in.

P.S. A good game mode to test this kinda quickly is to play Arms Race (which I like the most) and to be honest Arms Race is a truly great example of why this bug is so depressing because in Arms Race if you miss the Warm Up timer you are going to be dead last in the race for arms!

Journeyman III

Hello guys,

I've rolled back the drivers and it works just as it should from day one!

My GPU: RX 6600 XT     Driver version:  You can download the older drivers from here

it is not installed, an error appears. I will wait for the cs go update, playing on low settings (


@zolteck wrote:

Hello guys,

I've rolled back the drivers and it works just as it should from day one!

My GPU: RX 6600 XT     Driver version:  You can download the older drivers from here


Hello, I tried this version AMD Radeon Adrenalin 21.9.1 driver download because there is no version that ends in .0 and it keeps working wrong, are you sure it is that version?


Adept I

Perhaps when Source 2 is added to CSGO which is rumoured to be this month this issue will be a thing of the past because if it is a DirectX9 problem with this game, Source 2 will instead use DX11/12 and Vulkan.

I would rather already) I will not buy amd graphics cards anymore...

Journeyman III

FYI: I had Slow loading times on linux with a 6700. I fixed it by switching to vulkan using -vulkan Launch Option.

Community Manager

Has anyone tried the 23.3.1 driver? If so, please can you let me know if the slow loading time remains? AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 23.3.1 Release Notes | AMD


Matt, I can confirm that for 7900XTX this long loading time bug is fixed.

As for others cards, i don`t know. 

Thank you for the confirmation.

If other users with different graphics cards could update the thread to let me know their experience, I'd appreciate it. 


One think tho, the enhanced sync got broken on past drivers and is still is on current 23.3.1. When it is enabled the game stutters.  It is not only visible on CS:GO.....



I have a rx6600 and the new update has not changed my graphics card from having long load times in csgo. First map you load in loads fine but every map after is close to 2 minute wait time still.

Thanks for letting me know. 

Would it be possible for somebody to provide a video showing the issue? For example, the first map load working fine, then a second map load with a longer load time? If you could have the console output showing on screen too that would be helpful.


Hi Matt, I also have this issue with a 6600XT and 23.3.1. I turned on Instant Replay to make a recording and it stopped. I was able to repeat this by turning Instant Replay off again and joining a new match.

Community Manager

Just to confirm, enabling Instant Replay stopped the map from loading slowly?

When you record the video, would you be able to have Radeon Overlay running in the background so we can note the video memory clock and other GPU metrics, etc? Thank you. 


Hi Matt!

Apologies for the long post but I wanted to be thorough. I did some fairly extensive testing and have some good and bad findings to report, let's start with the bad:

The recent driver update 23.3.2 broke the -d3d9ex workaround. After this update there is no more difference whether I use the launch option (+ textures set to low), or if i delete the launch option and set the textures to for example high.


Interested in this finding with Instant Replay I went ahead and tested this and can confirm that after ca. 20 tests, this issue with long loading time is gone when Instant Replay is enabled but as soon as I disabled it, the issue came back (3-5 min of loading time). I tested this back and forth (also with the -d3d9ex workaround and without it but it didn't have any impact whatsoever) and the results were consistent. Every time when i had Instant Replay enabled, the game connected quickly (approx. 10 sec) to the server and when it was disabled, the loading time was beforementioned 3-5min.

These findings tie with my previous findings from a week ago where I tried to record this issue for you as you previously had asked. Whenever i started recording using the built in recording tool in Adrenaline, I wasn't able to replicate the issue. Today I went ahead and tested this as well and again the results were consistent. Whenever i was recording, the problem disappeared and as soon as I stopped recording, the issue came back.

I've yet to test whether having the Instant Replay on is affecting performance negatively but as for now, this solution seems to work and hopefully guide you to right direction in order of finding the culprit!

Yes I can confirm instant replay enabled stops the map from loading slowly. I'm unable to take a recording of the delay because of this.

Adept I

@Matt_AMD, I am with Sapphire Nitro+ 6750 XT, which I bought 2 weeks ago. I can confirm that I have the same problem. The first loading is fast and every next loading is super slow (without disconnecting from the server). CSGO even sometimes directly crashes or gives "not responding".

Usually it takes to load roughly around 2 minutes. I've added the following parameter in Steam "-disable_d3d9ex" and the "Model/Texture Quality" is set to low. Then every time the map is loaded for 1-5 seconds.

Would you be able to provide a video recording using AMD ReLive to show the issue? If you could capture a long video (perhaps record two full rounds) with the console output running (if feasible) showing the issue from start to finish. The first round which loads fine, the second round which takes up to two minutes. This would be very helpful for us to properly debug the issue. Reproducing the issue is not consistent for us. At times we've been able to reproduce it, but then it starts working fine so we are trying to understand why users on this thread see it so frequently but we don't.


This is very easy to check through maps in the CS:GO workshop. You start by launching one map, it loads quickly, and then another map which takes a long time to load. I have a 6600 XT graphics card.

Yes, I will provide a video.

Journeyman III

@Matt_AMD I am having the same exact issue with a reference AMD RX 6700 XT.

Do I  need to send a video?

I've already provided a dxdiag and sysinfo to support.

Adept I

i have this problem too. i have 5600 and 6700xt."-disable_d3d9ex" The disable code works, but then the game crashes. Please fix this guys.i am only play cs go. please

Set your texture quality to 'Low' for now. That should stop crashing your game.

Adept I

Have 6600m and the same problem in CS GO with loading maps...

A bit confused with replies about low graphics and disabling smth... I'm playing 2k and high quality graphics and don't want to change anything.

Never got any problem like this with Nvidia drivers... 1st experience with AMD and it seems so so...


Never had a Nvidia card. R7 360... RX 5500 XT. And now RX 6600 XT.
Never got a problema with any game in almost 10 years, but this long time load 2nd map is freaking me out. I was decided to sell my GPU and buy a 3060Ti. But CS2 will be realesed soon, so I'll wait 'cause probably thinks will go right and issues like this will not happen anymore. Anyway, after this, I'll never recomend a Radeon. And my next GPU will be surely a Nvidia.

People didn't recommend it because of some driver problems.I was thinking what will happen when an update comes and everything can be fixed. It's been 2 years since this topic was opened. No need to talk i guess.

Yep, my 1st AMD GPU and some people told "not the best idea - they have bad software". But I thought it should be some minor specific problems, thousands of people like it.
As a result starting from some weird options in GPU software that overlap each other and making weird things and finishing with such disrespectful attitude towards this topic...
Whole life was with Nvidia and it's SLI that is a pain to make work with lot of games but it is more logical and understandable in settings and never had such silly problems.


Honest answer?

CS2 is the only reason why they are doing everything to gain more time, since the issue will probably be gone with the new engine. There is no other reason for not being able to "reproduce" an issue which can be reproduced by dozens of people at ease.