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Journeyman III

AMD 6750 xt Crashes on Direct x 12 unless i undervolt and underclock - win 11

Hey brothers,

So i bought a new 6750 xt with the issue stated on the title.

I did not have any issue with my previous card -1070 on the same setup.

Games that i run in Direct x 11 works without issue.

I tried ALL the software related solution:

  • Clean drivers with ddu.
  • Run without the xmp enabled
  • Clean boot
  • Disabled overlays
  • Resitted the GPU and Ram
  • I made sure that my PC is fully updated with direct x 12 installed.
  • Running latest bios
  • Visual c++ up to date
  • Check PSU calculator
  • Etc.

What i havent tried is placing my GPU on another PC
Or try another PSU.

What ive changed to make it work:

  • 2664 mhz to 2300 mhz
  • 1200 v to 1060 v


  • Intel i5 -9600kf
  • 16gb ddr4
  • Amd 6750xt
  • 650 w corsair PSU
  • Samsung 32 inch odyssey monitor 1440p
  • Benq 2430t monitor 1080p
  • Sata ssd 1tb
  • Nvme 256 gb

If my GPU cannot run the games out of the box and it needs such modfications do you believe that is faulty and i need to RMA?

4 Replies

Is it a reference card or AIB?
The 650Wat PSU, is a CX or RM?
No daisy chain, right?

I believe the 650Watt may not be adequate, although for a reference card should be enough. 

The problem could be elsewhere, have you stress tested it?
Use Heaven or 3Dmark and monitor the wattage closely.

Good Luck

The Englishman
Adept III

What Adrenalin driver version? Do you have a power limit slider, maybe try using that to lower watt usage and see if you can run higher frequency, also that's a fairly big voltage drop.

Note: PSU calculators are a bit unreliable one may say 600 watt is good enough another may say 800+ watt for example.

Ryzen 5900X PBO/OC, Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite F37 bios, Arctic Freezer II 420 AIO, Fans: 3x140mm 2x120mm, 24 GB G.Skill DDR4-3600 18-20-20-40 1T, CM MWE V2 1050w, Gigabyte G32QC A 1440p, PowerColor RedDevil RX 6950XT OC.
Journeyman III

Hello Guys apologies for the delayed reply and thank you for your input.

It was an Aorus version, no daisy chain and my power supply is VS650 w.

I literally tried everything but i gave up. I RMA the card as it was brand new.

I went with an Eagle 4070. So far so Good. Everything works as it should.


The 4070 requires less power, so it should be OK now. 

The VS650 is an old design not even 80+ bronze, so it was problably not enough to run the 6750XT.

The Englishman