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Journeyman III

AMD 5700XT display driver crash

I have had display driver crashing issues since I got this card but it gets worse over time. When my drivers crash I need to restart my pc or display driver will continuously crash making the pc basically unusable. It happens when the pc is cold or warmed up. I used to think it was overheating. It happens completely randomly. Now when the drivers crash my second monitor no longer works unless I use the amd remover tool and reinstall the drivers. There are 1000 threads for 5700xt crashes and none of them seem to have answers. I have replaced many parts of my pc and reinstalled windows several times. Reinstalled drivers nearly every day this past week. I use the driver only install because the software was doing the thing where the process climbs until the computer blue screens. Does anyone have any trouble shooting tips or fixes for this issue? 

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