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Adept I

7900XTX screen flickering and black screen asseto corsa


4 montior setup (1HDMI, 3DP)  3DP running at 144hz hmdi running 60hz

So I decided to give assetto corsa a go last night, and for around 30 mins it was fine, on a modded map and modded cart. However whenever I went to the base game content, the screen would randomly go black for a few seconds ( the game would still run fine in the background)  and at the bottom where the wheel and ui elements are would flicker and flash, like it was trying to copy and paste that part of the image.  First time with an AMD card and first time building a PC and I am really unhappy with the current issues.  Is anyone else getting this problem in this game, im scared to try other games in the case of it happening there, and I havent even thought about VR on this card after what I have been reading.... I did notice when running HWInfo that the hotspot got to 100 degrees at times. 

Just a quick note, the game was only running on one monitor, i didn't have surround set up or whatever its called with amd

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