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Adept I

7900XTX Liquid Devil - HDMI out to SONY Bravia 1080p 3D TV *FullScreen* Issue

Hi all,

I recently upgraded from a Nvidia 2080Ti over to a 7900XTX, i have always had zero issues when extending my screen over to my Sony 3d TV via HDMI connection, after discovering the issue AMD cards/drivers are having with 3D TV's.

The only work around i found to work is to enable the 3D option via windows for said TV.. This however is hardly a work around due to the TV then only been able to output a 24hertz refresh rate.. Are AMD actually going to fix this issue with an upcoming driver release, as far as i have seen this has been a issue for a few months now, if this will not be resolved i would rather return the 7900XTX and buy an Nvidia card instead of having to either.

1. Change my TV

2. Run the TV at 24hertz.

I came across a post where people have been discussing this issue, but no resolution has been given yet.


Can anyone also tell me how/where i can contact AMD directly so that i can have a open ticket for the issue.  

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Adept I

Issue fixed with driver release 24.4.1