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Journeyman III

7900XTX Constant Hard Crashing

Hello everyone,

I'm hoping to find some possible advice or looking for anyone else experiencing issues with their 7900 XTX.

My 7900 XTX is consistently crashing my entire system. When I first installed the Graphics Cards a week ago I noticed loading up games my computer would completely crash and hard reset.

I updated my BIOS. The crashing seemed to go away, but I noticed that sometimes after long periods of my PC idling and going into sleep mode I'd be presented with another hard reset and a dialog stating my PC had reset due to a drivers crash from Adrenaline.

I don't see anything that indicates why.

I've been heavily monitoring my card idle and under load and after hours of Escape From Tarkov on Ultra I only ever saw my cards Junction peak at about 89C. So it would seem I got lucky and am not experiencing 110C issue like others reporting.

Today though -- the crashing has gotten extremely worse. In the past 2 hours I have experienced about 6 hard crash resets and about 8 Escape From Tarkov crashes. Hard crashes have occurred in sequence of one another too. Like literal blank desktop, nothing open, my system will completely freeze and re-crash.

I've swapped out my display port cables, but I have no way to confirm if any of the cables I have have Pin-20. I'm hoping to land some VESA certified ones, but I don't think it matters because my card doesn't seem to like having an HDMI cable plugged into it either as I have been able to 100% confirm and replicate that with an HDMI cable in my card the initial crashing when loading games has come back. I've also tried other monitors I have to ensure it isn't possibly my monitors.

So I thought maybe switching to a single monitor instead of two would maybe help, but it has not. The crashing still persist.

At this point I cannot play or do much of anything on my rig as the crashing pretty much occurs when I'm using any kind of software that puts load on my card or when I attempt to tab between software.

For the record, my card is set to the "Gaming" profile in the Adrenaline app. Every time I crash the Adrenaline app claims its put my card into "Safe Mode".

I have several crash log zip files generated from the Adrenaline App.

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It would help if we knew your complete PC specs including make/model/age of your power supply .. if you are using a PCIe riser cable and/or cable extenders INSIDE your PC .. using separate power cables from your PSU to each power input on your GPU .. XMP enabled or not .. the more you share about your setup, the more you help us to help you

Take a peak at your systems Event Viewer for logged system errors .. MIGHT shed some light

ThreeDee PC specs

No problem.

All parts purchased as of 12/24/22 except for my AIO I used that from my old build.

CPU: Ryzen 9 7900X


RAMM: 32 GBs DDR5 2600

PSU: Corsair HX1000i (1000 Watt)

Storage: Samsung NVMe 980 Pro 1TB

Motherboard: ASUS Prime X970E Pro-Wifi

CPU Cooler: Corsair H150i 360mm AIO (3 Fans)

Extra Cooling: 3 Corsair Fans with a Corsair RGB Hub

Drivers and BIOS for all of these I have confirmed are all still on the latest builds.

My GPU idles around 50 - 60C, 89C is the highest I've scene under load.

CPU idles around 45 - 50C, highest I've scene under like is about 90C, AIO coolant has only ever hit around 40C.

NVMe sits around 45 - 55C at all times.

Is their anything in the log files created by the AMD Adrenaline app that would possibly give more details?


I also do not have any settings adjusted outside of stock default settings. I was experiencing crashing out of the box so I decided to not touch anything until I felt I had stabilized the system. Which as not occurred.

I am using separate cables to each slot on the PSU. I have checked if all my cables are seated correctly several times.

I have no cable extenders, everything as of right now is stock on the PSU.

Adept III

If you have an AMD Radeon RX 7900 Series graphics product, and the BSOD (error code: DPC_Watchdog_Violation) problem (caused by amdkmdag.sys)occurs for unknown reasons, you can refer to this article:


You can try adjust refresh rates to 60Hz and turn off variable refresh rate feature, disabled AMD FressSync from Radeon Settings.

This ways maybe can solve your problem.



I currently have two monitors. One is 60Hz and one is 144Hz. I actually had FreeSync on on my 144Hz monitor yesterday, but saw a performance decrease from it so I turned it off.

Some of my errors logs do include a "WATCHDOG" file and error message. But I don't seem to know where to find the actual error involved.

I will turn down my refresh rates to 60Hz capped and see if that helps. Not very ideal since I do want to get newer monitors both at 144Hz in the future.


This is only a temporary solution, hope you can remove 1 monitor to test (connect 1 monitor only).


Maybe the next driver version will fix it.