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Journeyman III

7900xt possible bug with 1440p and 1080p dual monitor setup?

I just bought a 1440p monitor to add as my main monitor and have my 1080p as a secondary and my pc is shutting down after some time playing an intensive game. It didn’t do this with just my 1080p running but now that I got both running it’s doing this. I’m thinking maybe a bug with adrenaline? It’s doesn’t restart either just shuts down and then my monitor brand pops up that’s it. Xmp should be allowed to be on too but I turned that off and did the auto undervolt in the adrenaline software, also switched power plan from ‘balanced’ to ‘high performance’ and it didn’t shut down at all after around 30-35 min in. The thing is though, I shouldn’t have to undervolt or mess with any of these settings to get a stable system.. I have updated drivers, my psu is good, no overheating of the cpu or gpu. At load my hotspot sits between 77-80c and my 13600k sits at 50-53c. Just wanted to get this out there in case it is a bug 

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