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Journeyman III

7900XT 23.12.1 - Green screen MPEG4 codec

Since the 23.12.1 i have an issue with MPEG4 videos flashing green frames.
The issue only exists with 23.12.1 and isn't there with 23.11.1.
It happens in a multitude of softwares (discord, firefox and even VLC)
This issue is also limited to MPEG4 encoded videos as AV1 are played flawlessly.

I have frankly no idea why this is happening and limited to MPEG4 on MY configuration as i've seen nobody with the issue.
Here's my configuration :

CPU: Ryzen 7700X
Screen: Asus MG28UQ - 4K 60Hz connected with DP1.2
OS : Windows 11 Family
PSU : 850W (AMD asks for it when reporting a bug so might as well link it)

Here's what i tried so far :

 - AMD cleanup and DDU the drivers and reinstall te driver using the auto detect and the 23.12.1 directly
 - Reinstall windows

The only thing that truly resolved my issue is rolling back to 23.11.1 but i don't call that a solution.
Does someone had something similar on a previous update? And was there something that fixed the issue?

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Journeyman III

Thank you for sharing this information.