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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

7900 XTX Warzone 2 crash/ black screen in 70% games

Crash problems with warzone 2 and battlefield 2042



How does this happen?
I playing warzone 2.
At any time of the game image hangs for 5 seconds there is an error like in the photo. (Sounds of the game hangs, discord continues to work as well as the sounds of other applications, such as Spotify). Absolutely also hangs in Battlefield 2042.

What I've tried:
Reinstalling Windows
Uninstalling drivers via ddu from safe mode
Rolled back and updated AMD drivers from the earliest to the current 23.5.1.
Changed the RAM cards, ran them at the stock 2400MHz. I've been using totally different plug-in cards
Upgraded motherboard bios to the latest
Installed chipset driver to the latest version
Checked for corrupted game and windows files
Installed AMD Adrenaline driver together
Downvolted graphics card via firmware utility
Tomorrow i will try to connect my 6700xt by Sapphire and i'll let you know
The hot spot temp of my graphics card does not exceed 90*C
The case is fully blown with 9 fan and all temperatures on VRM and chipset are not overheated
CPU is not hotter than 70*C
I may have forgotten something since I didn't write down what I was doing. For example i reset bios to default, disabled all motherboard options.
Let's not banal, like connect two different cords from power supply to the video card.

In other games no such problems were noticed and everything works fine without problems.





5800x3d (default settings)

2x16GB stable memory, Dual Rank 3800MHZ. CL 16

7900XTX reference (bought on Have problems with 110*C Hot spot

WIN 10 21H2 19044.2965 build

Power Suply: Cougar 1000W/ or Gygabyte GP-G750H 

Motherboard: msi mag x570s tomahawk max wifi

Resizable Bar: Disabled

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