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Journeyman III

7900 XTX warranty void?

I bought a Made-by-AMD 7900 XTX from the AMD online store the minute they went on sale. Turned out I got a bad one - hit 110c hot spot and runaway fans in a well-ventilated case within the first few minutes playing Cyberpunk. When I saw the reddit report of AMD saying 'too bad, 110c is normal', I tried re-pasting it. It did not help - the problem persists. Then I saw the reports of AMD acknowledging the problem (thanks der8auer and others for your efforts) and to contact AMD for refund/replacement. Am I out of luck for replacement/refund because I re-pasted my card?

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Personally I'd simply make the RMA claim and see how it goes. I'd say as long as you haven't caused any visible damage to the card or cooler and made a decent job, it is worth a try. The official policy however indeed is no warranty if you've tinkered with the card - that's not really legal in many countries, but you'd might threaten with a lawyer in order getting it handled.

You can also try giving them a call and explain the situation on the phone:


i watercooled my 6800xt , and had to rma it weeks after , they saw the problem was not the repaste ... you shouldn't be worried about that in my opinion as long as you didn't break anything  by unmounting ...
btw i saw other videos speaking about a dp cable problem, did you check with hdmi cable ? (not want to give you false hope, it's just for my curiosity)