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Journeyman III

7900 XTX - VR Stuttering - Reverb G2

I recently bought a 7900 XTX as an upgrade for my VR system which previously had an RTX 2070.

I'm running a new OS install with all fresh/latest drivers and have been getting severe/unplayable stuttering in the right eye of my Reverb G2.

I'm looking for input to see if this is an incompatibility that I've run into or if the card is somehow defective. (Although it seems to run fine outside of VR)


The performance is okay in the windows mixed reality environment but DCS (OpenXR) and Asssetto Corsa (SteamVR) both are unplayable, the stuttering is also present in Unigine Superposition VR.

I'd updated any drivers and changed as many settings as I could think of before installing my 2070 which now has no issues.

The VR performance is otherwise improved in terms of FPS.

The reverb is the revision 2, after the initial compatibility issues with AMD cards on release.


Any input is appreciated.

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Journeyman III

Currently in the exact same position as you. I just built a brand new system, 7900 xtx, fresh windows install along with latest drivers. I purchased a Reverb G2 (V2) as well and I am having the same SEVERE stuttering as well. Would be nice if they didn't completely overlook VR performance before even releasing the card. 

Not a huge fan of sitting here and hoping a fix will come out soon. 

Journeyman III

VR problems with the 7900 series are quite known and also mentioned in the driver release notes. Actually that is the only reason I signed up here! So, please AMD, fix the VR issues! I'm waiting since the release for that, but my patience crumbles slowly. I don't wanna let team green win!