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Adept I

7900 XTX keeps turning on monitor


I leave my PC on without sleep/hibernate.  The only thing I do is have the monitor turn off after x minutes.

However after the monitor goes off, every once a while (5-15 min or so) the display would turn back on with blank screen and then showing "no signal" then goes off right away.

Not sure if this is definitely 7900 XTX causing this as I just recently upgraded to windows 11 few days before installing the GPU (was on 2080 super but didn't pay attention on this issue)

I've tried different cables, displayport / hdmi, different monitors, and DDU / reinstall drivers, unplug all USB devices, etc and nothing worked.

When using the default windows display driver after DDU, this would still happen but the monitor would stay on with "blank" instead of no signal and turning off again.

Any help appreciated.

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