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Adept I

7900 XTX crashing PC computer shut down.

My computer shuts down after a few minutes in games
No matter what game I tested it in WOW and COD
The temperature of CPU does not exceed 50C
And GPU does not pass the 87C
I see while playing the amount of power  PSU is working through the display on the power supply Never exceeds 450
I use two monitors samsung odyssey gaming g7 connected with display port
OS: Windows 11 
CPU: AMD 5800X (Newest Chipset-Drivers)
MB: ROG Crosshair VIII Formula (Newest BIOS, SAM disabled)
RAM: 4xCorsair Vengeance 8GB
GPU: AMD 7900 XTX (22.12.2 driver)
PSU:  ROG Thor 1200W Platinum
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Adept III

If you have an AMD Radeon RX 7900 Series graphics product, and the BSOD (error code: DPC_Watchdog_Violation) problem (caused by amdkmdag.sys)occurs for unknown reasons, you can refer to this article:

You can try adjust refresh rates to 60Hz and turn off variable refresh rate feature, disabled AMD FressSync from Radeon Settings.

Notice: Connect 1 monitor only.

This ways maybe can solve your problem.

Thanks, I tried it, it didn't help, my computer still shut down


87° is gpu junction temp ?

is it a brutal psu shutdown ? did you try with another psu ?

in that case i would even check my wall power outlet (i had that case where i get powercuts that causes this, only thing i found to do is to get a power inverter)

Adept I

I don't currently have another GPU to test because I sold it when I got the XTX7900
But before that the computer worked smoothly with the 3080 evga

Regarding the power point, I also checked it, there is no voltage drop


I was  speaking about psu 

And again is 87 junction temp ?

And  voltage drop can happen under certain conditions not Just by checking it at a certain moment

Community Manager

Are you using two seperate power connections for the GPU?

If the system is shutting down by itself, that usually points to eithera component overheating or a problem with the power supply. 

Each cable is connected separately to a power supply
without splitting
There are two cables directly connected from the power supply to the video card

你是谁?那么多帖子都说xtx崩溃了,你还把问题归咎于别人?23.12.1 和 24.1.1 一直在经历崩溃和崩溃。似乎你甚至没有发现问题。经理?你这个混蛋

Journeyman III

It would be best to see another graphics card you can borrow from a friend just to see it I think it's the fault of the graphics card unfortunately but I'm not 100% sure

Adept I


1.I replaced the electrical wires that come from the power supply to the video card

2.A BIOS version update was released on 12.12.22
And also a version update for GPU 1.11.23
3.I added two ventilators one 80 near the power supply
And one in 140 for a video card

Currently, for 3 days now, my computer has not turned off in the middle of a game



good news thanks for the update

Adept I

Had similar issue, powercolor mba 7900xtx, tried ALL solutions...and setting 60hz worked...but  figured a better solutions...set Max core clock to can play 120hz 4k games with freesync on, stable!

Studying gpuz logs, show fequencies higher than 2600mhz when starting games leading crash or the way undervolted to 1075mv...using 850w psu....

BRO thank you so much, my pc kept randomly resetting. I followed your strat and now it hasn’t crashed once! (literally just made a new account just to thank you)

Adept I

Thanks for sharing.

At the moment the problem hasn't come back since I added  2 more Funs
But good to know about your insights If it happens to me again, I will try it