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Journeyman III

7900 XTX Clock Speeds

Recently got a 7900 XTX Pulse from Sapphire. So far performance feels good.  Getting 26.5k in Time Spy at 1440P and maxing out most games. However, I was noticing the clock speeds were every where... Like anywhere from 1900MHZ-2900MHZ while gaming. Temps seem good. 70C's for the GPU and 89C for the Hot Spot under load. I have had Nvidia for since the 700 series and so I am use to the way their boosting works. However, I am unsure how AMD handles their clock speeds. And before I am outside the return policy I just want to make sure my card is working properly. 


System Specs, 

13700KF (NO OC)

Noctua D15

MSI Z790 Tomahawk D4

32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro @3200mhz


Corsair RM1000X

Lian Li 011 Air MINI

Win11 Pro

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The clock speeds vary depending on game engine, settings.

On a weak graphics engine game clock speed don't need to run/hold at full, or a cpu intensive game and low graphics settings will also not run/hold clocks at full.

There are ways to force it if you want to check OC forums (, are a couple).


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Adept III

Based on the information you've provided, it seems like your graphics card is working properly and there's no need to worry. It's also worth noting that the temperature readings you're seeing are well within safe operating limits for the GPU and Hot Spot. As long as the temperatures stay below the maximum rated temperature for the card, you shouldn't encounter any issues.

Adept III

Do you have locked framerates in some games or are you hitting framerate cap. As has been said, some games can get pushed to framerate cap without stressing the GPU (so it can work at a lower 'speed') without having to run at max Mhz and wasting frames. Temps look fine, well within operating tolerances.

Hope you're enjoying the card, love my 7900XTX too 

Adept I

You can in Adrenalin set under Advanced Control the Min Frequency from 500 to say 2300. 

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