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Journeyman III

7900 XT low framerate?

Hi. Got myself an 7900 XT card. Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 with all settings at ultra except MSAA, 2k resolution and it feels like card is underperforming compared to other online benchmarks. Im playing the first chapter and while moving around the snowy map, fps is going around 65-75. If I turn the AMD FSR 2.0 on performance mode, it adds only around 10 fps, is that normal? Benchmarked my pc with the Time Spy, got myself a score of 22423.

Windows 10, reinstalled. Disabled MPO. XMP On.


AMD 5800x

32 GB G.Skill 3000MHZ

B 550 F Gaming

Corsair 1000W PSU

Powercolor 7900 XT Reference

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Adept II

I also have an 5800x. In Valheim on big bases i'am down to 30fps, regardless of resolution and details (+/-10 fps). Most reviewers Benchmarking only Shooters or default benchmarks with best CPU available. I am also somewhat disappointed of the performance gain, but its for sure my AMD 5800x. These new Cards have a lot more power then the CPUs. Use GPU-Z and check your Graphicard load. if its constantly unter 80% if you get fps drops it might be your CPU. On Valheim my GPU load goes down to 50-60%  on a heavy base. In the outskirts iam getting up to 180fps on max details with 100% GPU load. I have the same Timespy result. A Friend is using 5950x and geting around +10 fps (50 compared to 40fps) on a heavy base in Valheim.

If you get constant  90%-100% load on your GPU it look like another problem. Maybe temperature.

Journeyman III

Thanks for help. Im running AMD Adrenalin with the performance overlay and it says that my GPU utilization is 95-100% at all times. Temperatures on both CPU & GPU under 70c. I will try to tweak some settings that are recommended to be turned off, but Im still interested if there problem on my end.


Hey hector,

got a 7900 XT Reference too and the same problem (but got an 3700x as cpu).

Did you find a way to overcome that issue? In Red Dead my 7900xt runs mostly on 90%, with a max hotspot temp of 85c.

In Furmark i got around 21k points with my setup:

32 gb ddr4 corsair 3200mhz

850 watt bequiet

msi x570 gaming pro



5800x isnt realy great cpu pair it together with only 3000 mhz ram on the TOP of it that clearly bottlenecks the gpu,  I have 5600x well overclocked with 3600mhz ram and its also bottlenecks my xtx in some games, 5800x3d performance is curently superior.  However I am personaly waiting for next generations od cpus for reasonable price, which isnt case mobo+ ram+ cpu for 800 bucks is just insane. My frame rate is locked at 60 anyway,  not all titles are so cpu heavy it just depends. Most frustrating is probably witcher 3 , cyberpunk and spiderman- open world titles. Without new cpu fsr 3.0 has potential to solve these drops in the future,  however its compromise. Change the resolution and you will see. My fps are pretty much identical at 1080p as 3440x1440, which clearly means cpu bottleneck :-). 



1080p will sure bottleneck any setup with these parts. As I answered above, Red Dead is just poorly optimized. If there really is a bottleneck, I doubt it will affect performance that much. Next gen could be a good pick, but doubt I will be buying new CPU any sooner.


Hi Pnin,

I came to the conclusion that Red Dead is just poorly optimised, for me its enough that it was atleast 60fps+. I tried other games, Doom Ethernal, Apex Legends, Mount & Blade Bannerlord and I am really satisfied with the performance.


Hey Hector,

thank you very much.

I tested other games too and i think your`re right.  In Hogwarts Legacy my fps are much better, i couldnt believe it!

Adept III

That's odd, I have 5800x 3600hz 32g ram and 7800 xt red devil and on my 55inch in 4k res I'm getting 80 to 90 fps (all other settings on ultra). Try 4k resolution so it puts more stress on your gpu?


Thanks for the tip. It could really be the RAM. But I gave up on the game, so I dont really want to bother with it anymore.