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Journeyman III

6970 fan not speeding up and system crashing

so my 6970 is overheating in world of warships. it's hitting i think 95+ before my system shuts down. thing is the fan is only running at 35%? i know i can manully go and turn the fan speed up to like 60 or 70% and play so it will not crash but why is it not auto speeding up the fan if it's at the point of shutting down?

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A computer will not shut down unless the CPU is overheating or if there is an electrical short. If a GPU overheats it'll crash to desktop or lock a computer up.


well i don't know what to tell you if i leave the settings alone after 30mins-1 hour the computer will just shut off. if i manully turn up the fan speed on the GPU i can go for hours.