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Journeyman III


Hello , recently i bought my 6950xt xfx instead of rtx 3060 and i get less fps then the rtx … the 6950 should be like 3080-3090 and like rtx 4070ti . Getting 20-30 fps ultra 1440p in mfs and cs go 150-180 and i know i can get 300+ on hight settings 1440p , my cpu i5 10600kf motherboard: gigabyte b460 hd3 , ddr4 ram 32gb 3200mhz, psu gigabyte 850w gold . Did fresh window deleted nvidia old drivers and update drivers no idea what to do it feels like 780$ went to trash , i know the cpu kinda small bottleneck but still 

thanks for the help

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Im not much into this site but I believe you may want to send the CPU to the bin instead. 

I wouldnt call almost 50%... Small.. 


The Englishman

Look at this site i checked many games , look how strong i5 10600k with 6950xt in 1440p for example in mfs 2020 , i5 13600k ryzen 5 7600x just 3-4 fps more … i dont think the 10600k block gpu anyway .


I'm sorry, that is the feedback i see online and also my opinion, keep in mind that the two titles you posted are CPU intensive, not GPU. 

The fact that you are not getting better results reflects how unbalanced the system is. 

A six core 10th gen with the famous 14++++++++ is going to produce bad results, not mentioning the board may not support pci 4.0. I see too many bottlenecks here. 

Not sure where you should get 300+ on 1440p when a 10600k with a 3080 on 1080p gets about 255 on medium settings. 


The Englishman

adding a second website to Johnnyenglish is one that I use to show FPS and Bottleneck for various CPU and GPUs. It shows FPS in various tested games:

Screenshot 2023-06-23 141316.png

NOTE: Inputted your CPU, GPU, & RAM installed.


Journeyman III

Thanks for the information

Adept II

the cpu is 100% fine and won´t bottleneck unless you go for high refreshrates or heavy RT games where demand on the cpu. These kinds of crippled FPS though, seem to me like maybe you either have a faulty driver installation or received a faulty card. If a clean windows install with clean driver install and trying a different PSU doesn´t fix it, try swapping the card with warranty. or put it into another system, maybe a friends and test it there. if it still behaves the same, it could be the gpu, if it runs fine, it must be something in your system but at least you know the card is fine. My friend bought a rx6950xt red devil and had crashes in games, the same issue 3070´s had with jayztwocents not so long ago. the fix was to swap the card. nowadays the failure rates for hardware for console and PC have risen due to the pandemic and faulty QC at factories. the first step always is to rule out hardware failure, then go over wether its software failure. one step at a time.