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Adept I

6900xt how to reduce the temperature

  • Hi guys! There is a problem after switching to the 2560x1440 monitor, namely, the sapphire 6900xt nitro+ se graphics card began to warm up to 81 degrees in the game. The fans on the video card work at maximum speed and the noise is like I'm at an airfield. The lian li o11 air case is very well blown by 12 fans, processor 5900x temperature in load 60 degrees. Help me with tips on how to lower the temperature? Maybe someone will share their experience. Thank you.
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81c temperature for the 6000 series GPU card is well below it maximum operating temperature of 110c.

I wouldn't worry about it unless it goes above 100c.

EDIT: If you were using a lower Resolution Monitor like 1080P before and decided to upgrade it to a higher Resolution Monitor then the GPU needs to use more power to run at the higher Resolution. Thus the higher temps.


Only ways to lower temps besides fan and air config are
1) Repasting GPU
2) Putting GPU on liquid metal (dangerous)
3) Waterblocking GPU (dangerous)
4) Underclocking
5) Undervolting
6) Lowering power limit.

To be fair there is also big difference between 81 degrees on edge or 81 degrees on hotspot (junction)
Juction rated temps are up to 110 degrees (even though over 100 aren't favourable).
And there is up to 25 degrees difference between edge and junction temps.