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Journeyman III

6900 XT + Samsung Odyssey G9 won't go to sleep

Hey guys,

I have a Samsung G9 that will not go to sleep and I am having a hard time identifying if it is a GPU, Driver or Monitor issue. I have tried a different cable, various options on the monitor and same result.

Here are the events:
1. Turn off display 15 minutes
2. Monitor will go pitch black (sleep) after the 15 minutes have passed
3. ~30 seconds later I will hear a device disconnected (windows) sound
4. I hear a reconnected sound and the monitor displays that something has connected on Display Port
5. The monitor will go pitch black again.
6. Repeat steps 3 -> 5 over and over again

CPU: 5900X
GPU: 6900XT
Monitor: Samsung Odyssey G9 (Latest firmware 1010.2)

I am praying this is just a drivers issue! 
I have tried a different display port 2 and 1 with a different cable.


EDIT: I think the AMD graphics may be crashing because when I go to the system tray after waking the monitor up. I see 10+ Radeon AMD icons and then they disappear 


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Journeyman III

I just wanted to provide a quick update and instructions on how to file an AMD bug.


I used DDU to uninstalled all AMD files and then installed and just used the 'drivers' install and everything seems to be working now. I will continue to test throughout the day thanks!


NVM having the same issue again... Now having and even harder time trying to figure out if this is an AMD or Samsung issue.

Adept II

I  also experience the same issue with a G7 monitor ever since I upgraded to a 6800XT.


I just tried to buy a premium cable from Best Buy to try again because I saw this post:

Still having the same issue. What is your current work around solution? I changed windows settings to never put the monitor to sleep and I've just been trying to do a better job of turning the PC off/sleep or turning the monitor off before leaving when doing background tasks.


Someone on Reddit suggested I try Linux to see if I can isolate the problem.

The monitor went to sleep on Ubuntu. 

I tried a clean install of windows + AMD drivers and monitor still won't go to sleep. How do we report this bug to AMD!?







Apart from updating to the latest drivers and clean installing them ever since I got the issue with the new GPU, I haven't tried any other workaround since it's clearly a bug with their driver in comb with the new Navi lineup and some monitors such as ours.

For reporting bugs, open Radeon Software and on the top right side you'll see a bug icon next to the question mark, click on that and it should open the bug report form.

Here is also a reddit thread about this issue. I will be reporting my findings along with these two threads. I hope AMD listens!