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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III


Hi i have a 6800xt, yesterday i update my graphic card and now pc won't start

No display detected.... 

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Adept I

Can you test the GPU with another PC? Did you completely uninstall your previews driver from the old card and did a clean install (sometimes leftover files can cause huge errors)? Try your old card and see if you have the same problem. If you don't have your old card, try getting into bios and start windows in safe mode. Worst case scenarios do a CMOS reset followed by a windows reinstall.

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Adept I

What do you mean by update? Replace the graphics card or update the drivers or update the GC firmware?

Verify you connected the monitor to the graphics card (not to the motherboard HDMI)!
If you replaced the graphics card, most likely it is a seating/power cable issue... try to reseat the GC into the PCIe slot and verify your power cables are all correctly connected. Verify your PSU can deliver enough power (though 6800XT is not too much power hungry)
If it is a driver issue, start your PC and after few seconds press the on/off button until it turns off... after 3 (4?) times, it should start automatically into safe mode.. see if there is an issue with the driver. Use DDU tin safe mode to completely remove the old driver and install the latest one.
If it is a firmware update, the issue might be a lot more difficult to solve....

Hi, driver update... 


So... the PC doesn't start just after upgrading the GC driver? Not light, not fan running, nothing...
Or do you have no signal to the monitor or just a blank screen with a cursor? but the PC is on?


All works fans work to but no display signal 


Not even during boot? Nothing on the BIOS post code?

If you can go into the BIOS, verify the graphics in on auto or discrete is selected. 

I would try to reseat the GC into its PCIe slot and verify the power cables... maybe connect to another power outlet from the PSU/use a new power cable from PSU to GC.


No bios because no signal in monitor 


And sometimes board white light boot 


check your power supply and/or your UPS if you are plugged into one

List your complete PC specs including make/model of your power supply

reseat everything .. GPU, CPU, RAM, power connections to motherboard and GPU

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Adept III

First unplug Power supply by pulling a Cord from back of your PC then remove DP/HDMI Cable from Graphics Card!!! Now hold the PWR Button on your PC for 10 Sec. then release,reinsert Power supply Cable followed by reinsert DP/HDMI Cable, now turn on your PC. If this doesn't reset to BIOS Default by pressing a Reset Button in your Mobo.

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