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Adept II

6800xt VR stutter - game graphics borderless, capped to 60 fps?

Sorry for the confusing title, Im not even sure how to ask this and if it's unclear I apologize but it's very very late here, or early depending on how you look at it.

Im trying to figure out why Im getting stutter in a certain game, namely RaceRoom. It's a DX9 title with VR implemented "after" so it's not made for VR from the very beginning, like most sim titles.

I have tried so many combinations now that I don't think there are many left to try but one of the last tests I did went like this.

Using settings that I got a stable 45 fps with on my 980ti before switching to the 6800xt but at 90 fps, works for the most part but with stutter, which isnt acceptable due to the nature of the game, I can't have stutter in a racing game, thats just how it is.

However, using the amd monitoring overlay (and saved csv files) I noticed that even if fpsvr says 90 fps, the monitor software says 60 fps, it gave me an idea that maybe the card doesnt recognize that I have a vr headset on me in the game even though it feeds picture (I know it sounds crazy).

Fast forward half an hour and I thought it would be fun to see how many fps I get if I run it non vr... 60 fps same settings?!
Immedietly I looked for V sync both in game and in amd software but they both were turned off, still 60 fps.

Googled for 2 min and found out that when in borderless, games can be capped to 60 fps.
Turned on full screen and voila, 300 fps. Maxed out settings and added 50 cars to grid instead of 20 on Nordschleife (most performance heavy) and still got between 90 and 160 fps. This is insane.

Problem is when launching the game you can't switch to Fullscreen, you have to have it in borderless, hence my question really, could this be the problem I have and the reason I get stutter? Because, well I don't  know, the software thinks I want 60 fps and downclocks when my valve index is trying to push for 90 fps?

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Adept II

After extensive testing since this morning I have come to the conclusion that my thesis was correct. For some reason my 6800 xt frame caps at 60 fps when in borderless window (game refuses to set fullscreen, only borderless exist while in vr). This in turn I would guess foold the gpu (maybe the cpu too) to think that when my index hits 90 fps the current performance of the card is more than enough to hit 60 fps and therefore "downclocks" and when fps goes rock bottom due to this it clocks back up, over and over and over again and causes the stutter for me.

To resolve this what I did was to first turn off my secondary monitor, then prepare game launch so that all I would have todo is left click my mouse. I turned off my main monitor, waited for the one time stutter I get in steamvr home to confirm that my main monitor isnt recognized anymore and then I left click the mouse to start the game.

Launch a race with the same settings that I have had during stutter and voila, ZERO stutter, not even once during a 1 hour long race.

Shuts down game, start my main monitor, launch game in vr while its turned on, BOHM stutter is back.

Please AMD read this and fix the frame cap thing, it might be a Windows thing I don't know but make the gpu/cpu recognize the valve index as primary display when a vr game is launched or something.

Game affected is RaceRoom and it's a dx9 title


If you think it may be some setting or features of Adrenalin causing these issues you can install the driver without adrenalin. Start by using DDU to remove all old drivers. Then download the new driver, run the file to extract it and copy the extraction location. When the adrenalin installer comes up just cancel the install. This leaves the extracted driver in place but not installed. Now in device manager right click your display adapter and click "update driver" -> Browse my computer.. -> paste the location of the extracted driver and windows will install the driver free of any other software.


Definitely gonna try this first thing tomorrow morning! 


It's the driver and VR. Surprised Valve VR even works at all. Another is having an issue with an HP G2 and HP told him it's the driver from AMD. In the software there is a report an issue under settings that you should use to report suspected driver issues. This is the only way for AMD to respond, it takes forever to get an answer too. They don't fix the problem either unless it's major like this VR issue will be.

The borderless capping thing has been an issue in drivers before. Here's the newest one: Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.1.1 Release Notes | AMD

Use DDU in safe mode, no internet, to remove the old one: Display Driver Uninstaller Download version (

I doubt installing just the driver will fix the issue like some 5000 series cards and I don't recall it being a frame cap issue that fixed. It was due to the driver crashing in general. 

"It worked before you broke it!"

So you think that they know about it and that a fix is in the works but they just wont comment on it? 


Ok so i tried this now. 

I did a clean install, installed chipset drivers and only the gpu driver. 

Installed steam, steamvr and raceroom. 

It's a colossal improvement! It's not perfect yet, i still get some spikes but it's a very very noticable improvement! 

Im not sure what to do with the last couple of spikes, i have yet to test with monitors turned off again but it most definitely is a mega improvement. 


Question is. Is it because of the software or other programs i had on my previous Windows install. 


I guess I will have to try the game between every install of programs.


Ok so I tried again, turning off the monitor COMPLETELY takes away any and all stutter. This is so freaking wierd.

Could it be something like some certain displayport on the gpu is "primary" and thats where I should plug in my valve index?


If you look on Steam, there's a million complaints about VR issues. It's on Reddit, everywhere. So you're not alone and one would assume there's a fix in the works. If you found a workaround, use it and wait for the official "fix". Many can't play at all with VR. So if running just the driver, no Adrenaline fixes 90% of the issue, that's good. You can always try MSI Afterburner, they claim 4.6.2 works with the 6000 series. Dragon Center might as well.

"It worked before you broke it!"