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Journeyman III

6800xt multi monitor frame question

I am a new user of 6800xt. My CPU is 10700.

I have connect to two monitors with two dp cables. The one is acer xv272up (2K 144hz) which is the main monitor and the other is dell p2314h(1080p 60hz)

Every things is good before I try to play game in main monitor and watch live stream in second monitor. When i place the stream website(chrome) in second monitor, the game's frame in main monitor has been decreased from 150(locked in 150 in game setting) to 120hz. But when I open the frame lock in game , the frame has been increase to 180 and in this two case( 120hz and 180hz), the game is not smooth even if the frame is up to 180, it likes the frame is only 60hz or even less and i can feel the choppy obviously. But, when I place the live stream and game in same monitor(2k 144hz), the frame is stable and the game is very smooth. 

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