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Journeyman III

6800XT full system crash

I got my 6800XT from AMD and ever since then games will crash and actually reset my the computer back to post.
This never happened with my previous card (GTX1080) but it is guaranteed to happen during a gameplay with the 6800XT.  I have had save games corrupt because of this and it is becoming a nuisance.

I have scaled back the settings to default but it makes no difference.

The spec of my computer is enough for the 6800XT and the corsair software reads the PSU is getting no where near to its limit of 750, peeking about 550.

The basic Spec is

MSI x470 Gaming Carbon Pro
Ryzen 2600X
Corsair Vengence 3200Mhz 16GB
Corsair RM750i power supplye
1 nvme drive, 2 SSD, 1HDD.

Can someone give me an idea what to try?  This is happens on nearly every game I play.  Some it happens after about 30 mins others I can go for over an hour, but nearly every game crashes.


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Journeyman III

Some odd behavior from these cards indeed. I have the Sapphire pulse rx 6800xt, and i also encountered some full system crashes. the last ditch effort is to try a bios update for your motherboard, this appears to fix my crashing issue, but with all the latest drivers I am still getting some strange behavior in games. i9 9900k, 3200mhz 32 gb ram,  2tb nvme m.2 boot.


1) use DDU; 2) try downclocking your GPU; 3) turn on monitoring in AMD tools (like temperatures, fan rpm, memory use etc.) Try to check using it if there is something specific that happens before game crashes. 


I have same problem. You can test this issue by Running 3d mark Time Spy Demo, it will reboot your pc, for me when i run this 3dmark time spy demo(not test) it's 100% reboot my pc every run. When i playing games i get system crash 1-2 times per day.

Dude, try to underclock your GPU 50MHz core and 10MHz VRAM, and tell us if it works stable or still reboots.


I can try it tonight, I am working right now , I only had time to ddu all existing drivers and install the and drivers again last night, I also noticed I was running on the optional version of adrenalin 2020, so that could be part of my issue as well. Could you tell me what kind of setting you use in Adrenalin as well as fan curve, I don’t like zero rpm.


Well, right now I have stock everything (clocks). Fans 0RPM 'till 40C, and then steady line 'till 60-65% at 80C. And above 80C flat line.


Ok cool, I will do some more testing on the recommended drivers tonight if I have time, thanks for the fan settings. 


Same issue, Time Spy causes 6800XT Sapphire Nitro+ SE to restart no matter what when OC'ed to any degree, it seems.


Try to use wattman do undervolt car like 50-100mV.

Journeyman III

My system has been doing this since I got the card. But it was at specific points in games not all the time. After a lot of trial and error, I found out that in the "Global Display" options, AMD FreeSync was "Not Supported". Which is good. But in the Game Profiles, AMD FreeSync was "AMD Optimized". Therefore, the driver was enabling FreeSync, which isn't supported by my monitor, and causing the system to crash to POST. Once I set in the game profile for FreeSync to be "Off", I have not had a single black screen to POST.


My monitor supports both freesync and g sync, so that was not the issue in my case, I no longer have the card in my system, but before I got my 3080 I decided to try running the drivers without installing adrenaline 2020, games were running stable and only seemed to have crashes in rogue company and some in warzone(games are not optimized well yet). I still have the card though and am planning on building a entire team red system once I can get my hands on a zen 3 chip. I enjoyed my time tinkering with the card though, also the cooler on the card with a set system fan curve is some of the best cooling I’ve seen in any gpu I have owned so far.