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Adept II

6800 XT odd graphical glitches.

So I have had some hinky stuff go on in a number of games since I bought this Gigabyte 6800 XT Aorus Master Type-C or whatever. Here is just a latest example, had a lot of odd stuff going on since I started playing DMZ in CoD: War Zone 2 again. Not sure if it's driver related or what. Sometimes when in the match finding screen for DMZ the screen gets covered in like a film grain effect, in purple. I am guessing some kind of glitch with the sand/dust blowing about. But here is something I think I have seen in a couple other games with this card. Lighting causing this odd grading effect on water. Is this normal, or has my GPU been defective this whole time?

Lighting/mist causing grading effect on water?Lighting/mist causing grading effect on water?


Have had some other odd stuff, like playing Sons of the Forest, some times I would turn around to spot these odd shadowy orbs with like a light in the center, like a lighting effect had produced shadows then reflected.

Or FFXIV, sometimes if say a character is in in front of a reflective surface they seem to develop an aura around them if you look close enough. There's also a problem with flickering shadows.

When I was playing WoW, there were some cases where I found NPCs with extra shadows, or shadows that appeared through terrain, like dragons just hovering in place in Dragonblight, they're flying up above a cliff, rather than the shadows showing up on top of the cliff or the ground down below, the shadows show up on the cliff face where they shouldn't.

When I tried Borderlands 3, the grass for whatever reason had extra thick shadows edging them, unless there was a semi reflective surface behind them.

Apologies, this is a lot of random issues, just trying to figure out if it's something wrong with the GPU/Drivers or just crap that happens normally.


Windows 11
AMD 5600x

Gigabyte 6800 XT 23.4.3 drivers

32GB Ram


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