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Journeyman III

6800 XT led shows in system as USB keyboard?

since plugging in my reference 6800 xt I see a new keyboard called ARES and in device manager the location says AMD Radeon(TM) USB LED

anyone else seeing this?

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Journeyman III

Yes and also after the last windows update or AMD drivers through windows update I hear sound (like disconnecting USB device) when I launch Steam client, app and also when I launch GoG games. When I dissable ARES usb in program called USB something I stoped hearing the sound. So it is some issue AMD has with this. Can someone from AMD helps with this?

R7 5800X with 6800XT (Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite)

PS.: I am sorry for my english and I hope you understand what I wrotte and mean.

I have the sounds disabled but it often shows "driver error" in the device list, so that is probably the reason for the unplugging

absolutely ridiculous

Download the 6800XT drivers from AMD, run to extract files to default location C:\AMD\Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-20.11.2-Win10-64Bit-Nov18, cancel installation, go to device manager, update driver for LED then point to path mentioned above.  Mine shows the correct entry when done that way.


Mine has this issue and it does crash games upon launch but only once. If I run the game again it does not have the issue. If I disable it then I can't play anything. I do not have any errors in device manager or event viewer. I do not even see an AMD Radeon LED USB in device manager either. I had to use a USB monitor like USBdeview to find out which device was disconnecting. 


The 20.12.1 drivers did fix it for a few days but it is back. Also if I format and reinstall windows it will not happen for a few days then start again. The "fix" mi7chy said does nothing. Windows says I already have that driver installed.


The problem doing it this way is you don't get the fan speed control that's built into the driver. I was going to do this until I saw how hot the reference gpu will run because the fans hardly come on.

If anyone has a better idea how to get around this USB unplugging sound please let me know, I've had it since May when I bought the 6950. It's very immersion breaking when you tap caps lock in game and the unplugging sound plays for no reason.

I'll try removing that "ARES" led thing next.


@marecej wrote:

since plugging in my reference 6800 xt I see a new keyboard called ARES and in device manager the location says AMD Radeon(TM) USB LED

anyone else seeing this?

All with this problem need to report this to AMD:

Use the Bug Report under the Gear in Radeon Settings, 

AMD support here:

Adept I

Did you ever find a fix for this? I am now experiencing this issue. I switched from a 3080 to a 6900xt. Also, has anyone with this problem noticed their taskbar "flicker" for a second while gaming? 

I am trying a fix right now, I'll report back if it seems to work. 

In device manager, human interface device, switch all the "Radeon USB LED" properties to uncheck don't allow to auto power off.

Did this fix it for you?


Also have this same issue, but it's intermittent. It's done it since my gpu was new in May 2022, Radeon 6950xt. Last weekend I installed the 22.11.1 driver to play COD DMZ and it didn't make the usb sound until last night.

AMD Can you please look into this bug? I've filled out the bug report form through the driver control panel. if it means disabling the LED on the gpu that's fine for me.