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Journeyman III

6800 XT - Black Screen Issue

-- GPU: AMD Radeon 6800 XT
-- CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X
-- RAM: 32GB
-- PSU: Corsair 750W
-- Mainboard: Aorus Elite B550M
-- Monitors: 1) Raean 144Hz QHD2K | 2) Hansung Ultron 1080

I just got a brand new PC build, but there is a recurring problem that has stumped me and the person that built my PC for the past week.

Every time I run a GPU stress test (FurMark) and I have 2 monitors plugged in... the screens black out after I close the program (FurMark). The keyboard lights go out and then the PC seems to come to life again, except the screens remain black ("no signal"). It seems like it's in a coma state and I have to turn off the PC and turn it back on (reset button does not bring it back).

It has also occurred after playing Borderlands 3 and closing the program. (Just one monitor plugged in)

** Strangely when the stress test is run on 2 smaller monitors at the PC build workshop this error does not occur. **

Attempted fixes so far. . . (no results)

- Replaced motherboard.

- Installed previous drivers.

- Checked for driver updates on all components.

- Ran temperature checks on GPU and CPU (both are fine)

- Ran stress test on CPU (also working fine)

- Plugged PC into main wall socket instead of strip socket.

- Tried various display cable combinations (DP + HDMI).

** Our next attempt will be fitting the PC with an 850W PSU to see if that works.

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