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Journeyman III

6800 stuttering

Hello, i'm new and i got 6800 reference from AMD... i recently got a new build, with ryzen 7 5800x, b550 tomahawk, 32gb g.skill 3200mhz c16 but my pc has consistent stuttering... which it makes mostly unplayable because of the drop usage of gpu and drop fps (also a little drop usage like 95 to 87 for example, causes stuttering), i tried:

reinstalled windows 10 (x7), nothing;
controlled hdd/ssd with reallocated sectors, nothing wrong;
reinstalled drivers recommended and optional (only, minimal and full), nothing;
power plan to high performance, nothing;
changed psu, motherboard and cpu (i had i7-8700 and z390), monitors, power strip, cables, mouse and keyboard, nothing;
changed pcie slot, nothing;
disabled freesync, nothing;
disabled xmp, enabled xmp, nothing;
flashed bios to latest version;
latest chipset;
all drivers up-to-date.

 I don't know what do to, should i go for warranty?

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