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Journeyman III

6700XT random black screens

So I’ve had this PC for a year now, 6700XT as the GPU, When I first got it all together no problems for maybe the first 3 months, then randomly when I was playing games the screens would blip off to black and would say could not detect my DP, I don’t remember what I did months ago, somehow fixed it, and for the past 3 days I can boot up my pc, SOMETIMES watch YouTube, finish my Essay for class, I can for some reason load into game’s home screens, but the moment I join matches or load into games the screens blip again but I can still hear my discord calls, music, game audio and everything, before I was using an older driver and it seemed to work for some reason but now when i try the older driver it doesn’t detect my GPU, anyone have any solutions? 

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Journeyman III

Same here, the only thing that helps is running everything in borderless or windowed.