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Journeyman III

6700XT GPU Temps - Is this worrying?

I have had this GPU (MSI 6700xt Mech 2x for a couple of years now and have never touch any overclocking until today. I wanted to run a stress test in Adrenaline as a base line before I do any tweaking and have noticed the Hotspot temps reaching max temps extremely quickly.

I am assuming this is worrying but would like a second opinion please.



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GPU hotspot temps are typically 10-20°C higher than the average GPU temp.

Here Gamers Nexus tests the reference 6700XT card, with GPU temp in upper 70°s and tJ at mid 90°s.

The fact that your hotspot is nearly 60°C over the GPU temp is concerning. It seems MSI may have improved the core cooling but missed other component coverage.

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