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Adept I

6600XT Random Black Screen Crashes

Display goes black randomly even on idle, All the peripherals stop responding but lights are on, happens only when GPU is plugged in, have to restart the pc through power button to fix it. GPU temps are under 50 on idle and under 75 on OCCT stress test. Tried it On-Board display it works fine on it. Could it be the PSU or GPU itself?


RX 6600 XT

Corsair Tx650w PSU



16GB 2133MHz DDR4


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Adept I

I just typed a long answer an hour ago for you and for what ever reason it disappears... A lot of people for the 6000 and 7000 series experienced the same issues as you and I did. The reply I wrote is gone (why AMD forums) so I will type a TL;DR version here.

  1. Uninstall the AMD software when you log in.
  2. Install a DDU (Driver Display Uninstaller), there's a reputable one by Guru3d for free. Even if your previous card is an AMD it's best to use a DDU and clean that up. Then to install the AMD andrenaline software.
  3. Install GPU manufacturer software (even if not driver related): If your GPU manufacturer comes with any software try to install them as well. (This is what fixed it for me for whatever reason... I have an ASRock 6600).
  4. Install AMD minimal software: Lastly I have the AMD minimal software rather than the full version at the moment. When I install the full version it crashes immediately to black screens and need to reboot and star the process all over again.

Some solutions by the community they swore by (didn't for me but heck might work for you):

  1. Turning off all hardware accelerators (discord, steam, browser(s), etc...) some people say turning off hardware acceleration on Chrome was sufficient to fix the issue.
  2. Swapping HDMI cable sides: Others believed that swapping the ends of their HDMI (meaning the side plugged to your monitor, plug that to your computer and vice versa yes just swapping the ends) was sufficient to resolving the issue (shrug - how does that work I dunno but read multiple saying that worked).
  3. New HDMI cable: Some people believed what fixed it for them is trying a new HDMI cable.

Thanks for the reply, but I have already tried everything above you mentioned about 4-5 times, clean installed windows 10 2-3 time, upgraded my windows 10 to Windows 11, still same issue. I don't even know what to do next. Tried GTX 1060 on my PC, it works completely fine. Tried my GPU on another system, works fine there but not on mine.

Adept III

is Adrenaline crashing?
what say's windows event viewer?

Ryzen7 5800X 4,95ghz; LLC3; 420mm Liquid Freezer2; Corsair RGB Pro SL 32gb/2 - 3600mhz CL18; Sapphire RX6800 Pulse OC; Asus XG27AQ 165Hz; MSI X570 Gaming Plus PPT:137W EDC:135A TDC:95A; BeQuiet! PP 730W

There's no way I can know what's crashing, cuz my pc just hangs up with black screen on, don't see anything interesting in event viewer either. Also fans spin normally, peripherals lights work but keyboard and mouse are unresponsive, and there's no sound in background either.


Did u find any fix for your problem?

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Look, I had the same problem, only it was during the first Windows startup, I had to restart with power thousands of times and I tried everything, unfortunately I had to sell it and buy another one since it was a compatibility problem, I had an h610 and i5 12400f, my brother a ryzen 4500 and another motherboard and it worked perfectly. The ideal would be that you sell it used and buy a 3060 or something similar so you don't lose performance and it costs similar.