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Journeyman III

6600 series fps issues on league of legends

I have had this problem ever since upgrading from my 1650 super. I can no longer get constant 75fps in the game (which is what I need since i have a 75hz monitor), even though this card is supposedly a huge upgrade.
I have tried every fix there is on the internet, from disabling DS settings with MPT for deep sleep mode, making the clock speed interval smaller, increasing power limit, using different driver versions, enabling DX9 legacy mode on league, trying enhanced sync etc.
It just blows my mind that a brand new expensive graphics card can have such garbage drivers. I would get a constant 75fps at all points in the game with my 1650s with the exact same set-up, now it hovers around 70-73 most of the time. If I turn off v-sync it would go up to ~110, but the image not being synced with the monitor just makes it unplayable.
The card runs more intensive games such as hell let loose or elden ring completely fine, even reaches 75fps on high settings. Is there anything i can do to fix this apart from selling the card and buying a 3060?
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