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5700XT freezes the whole screen

Switched to AMD with my new computer, I've had it for 3weeks and I already have problems with it.

Whenever I try to go full-screen on a media playing my display freezes, I can move the mouse and still hear sounds but I can't do anything, alt-tabbing or anything, I have to hard-reboot my PC. Sometimes after a few seconds the freeze even evolves into a full black screen and nothing is displayed anymore. Sometimes all of this also happens when I'm playing games. I have to manually stop and restart my computer at least one time a day because of this, which can't be good for the machine.

Is there a fix? I'm on but it even did that on the previous version.

I heard a lot of other people seem to have issue with this card, I'm really dissapointed so far.

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Journeyman III

I had this exact same issue with the RX 570 once the new software/drivers were implemented. I assumed that this was due to me possibly having a pretty old setup (4770k, 8gb DDR3, RX 570). I just built a brand new setup (3700x, 5700 XT, 32gb 3200 DDR4) and the exact same problem still happens. I've found that ALT + Tabbing will sometimes fix the issue as it just seem to be an issue with the display pausing/freezing and not the actual game itself.

Not a resolution but I figured I would hop in here hoping for a fix as well instead of making a whole new thread on the same topic.  


I have found the 19.12.2 drivers to kinda work, fullscreen video playing works fine and games crash way less but they still do. Unfortunately alt tabbing still doesn't work for me.

Adept I

My problem is in the video. Friezes appear on their own in any mode (Gaming,Kyber,Standard).I already tried all the options, nothing helps me. The latest driver 20.4.2 is installed and all the settings are reset to default. I used old versions of drivers but it doesn’t help me, it only gets worse and the black screen.

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