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Adept I

5700XT crashing in Shogun 2

My game crashes in Shogun 2 during battles in foggy weather. It happens when using kisho ninja and they throw firebombs. The moment the firebombs hit the target, the system crashes. If I somehow get past that, I use fire arrows and after a minute of fighting, the system crashes. I haven't tried other battle scenarios since I can reproduce this crash consistently, so no need to test other battle scenario.

I've tried numerous graphical settings. This is part of my troubleshooting. I continue to decrease settings to test, but I have a system that should be destroying this game from 2011 (amd fine wine?).

The game sends me to the desktop where I have to end the game in task manager.

It also will sometimes crash when you are in the main menu screen.

Is this a driver problem, or do I need to continue troubleshooting my system?

Describe your system:

  • Sapphire 5700XT Pulse 
  • Desktop
  • Windows 10 64-bit latest version
  • Driver 20.4.2
  • LG 27GL850 (connected with displayport)
  • Asrock X570 Taichi (2.1 bios)
  • AMD 3700x CPU
  • SeaSonic Prime Ultra Titanium Series 750W
  • 16gb ram
3 Replies
Adept I

I think MSAA is causing the crash.

I've only tested it twice, but 2 successful runs with max settings and MLAA on. MSAA x2 or x4 crashes the system.

This is odd since the gpu is running at like 20% (and low gpu clocks) and only one core of the cpu is running 100% since it is optimized for single core.


It's probably not MSAA -monitor your gpu usage, and overall system usage at the time of crash. 

Journeyman III

For me, it helped to reduce framerate using Radeon Chill.