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Journeyman III

5700xt BSOD no matter what driver

I recently built a new PC with an x470 fatal1ty, 3700x, and 5700xt. My system boots up and I get a bsod with the errors 'video internal schedule error' or 'video tdr error'.  I install the latest drivers and the same thing happens. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers a dozen times. With and without DDU.  Nothing helps. Sometimes my computer won't even finish booting up before BSOD, sometimes it works for a few minutes and then goes to a blank screen. Please help.

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Adept II

same problem  3700x + 5700xt + x570


I've been having the same issue for almost a week. 

I have a Ryzen 7 2700x & the RX VEGA 64 on a Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4 motherboard. 

My computer randomly had an atikmdag error one day

No matter how I do it, every single installation of graphics driver (AMD Adrenalin) freezes the computer. 

Like OP said, crash is anywhere from beginning of boot to a few minutes in. 

The only way I can use my computer is without any graphics drivers. :'[ what's the point


I've actually fixed my issue. I reinstalled a clean copy of windows. I

didn't transfer any files over. I did the following in this order.

Updated my bios and all possible files from ASRock website

Then did all possible Windows updates.

Only then did I update my gpu drivers from AMD website

That is the correct way to do it. The only thing that I would add that would help insure success is to disable the Internet when installing the AMD driver. It helps keep Windows update from trying to install a repository driver at the same time.

Glad you got it going!


Are you talking about installing the drivers through the device manager update while offline?

When I try to download these drivers offline it doesn't work:

Is this order correct?:

Win10 install, update BIOs, update chipset, update Win10, install these drivers? 

Thanks for all your input btw man, I feel so lost lol


Yes your order is correct. Just make sure all WIndows updates are done. You often have to keep hitting the check for updates until it really comes up saying there are not anymore. Your link is the correct link for the AMD driver. Just download those drivers and install them with the internet disabled once everything else is updated. It would be a good idea to do a restart if you updated other drivers or Windows updates before you install the AMD driver. You can unplug your Ethernet cable, or if on WiFi disable it at the computer or even just turn off your router. Then install the AMD drivers. Then hook the internet back up after install and reboot.

Good luck and report back if you have trouble. It may just be that some update to WIndows is really messed things up. I would also at that point make sure to open a support ticket with AMD:  Online Service Request | AMD 

It would not hurt to report these issues to Microsoft as well.


I'm glad you could figure it out, it means we didn't have to buy something new haha. 

I'm in the middle of trying out your process, about to update Win10

Usually everything is fine until the gpu driver install. Fingers crossed dude, thanks again.


I used this exact method and, using 07/31 dated chip set and video drivers, it immediately crashed after installation of the video driver. I'm getting the same WEHA and TDR Failure errors.

Journeyman III

Same problem! Cannot believe that I do not even have an option to return the card-- just for another paperweight? I cannot believe that I have to put my Vega back in.. seriously thinking of biting the bullet and getting an NVIDIA. 

How can we make this more direct to AMD? I have never had problems with products before, and if I did, I just returned it. They need to fix these cards or give people their money back.

Journeyman III

Same here with my RX 5700, randomly BSODs (video scheduler internally error). With two cards already testet, same problem! Also reported today at AMD, please fix that!


I moved on with a diff card but look up the hardware acceleration fix. I

hear it is actually working.

On Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 2:57 AM electric_delicate <>

Journeyman III

Huh, my last try before I send back the card seems to be working.

I´ve deinstalled the actual Chipset- and Radeon- driver and have reinstalled only the Radeon driver. From now my RX 5700 do not show the BSOD anymore. How can it be?


false alert, the BSOD is back again. I´m really disapointed from AMD ....


So, now I send back the card, after the third reinstallation of Windows and switch back to my "old" RX 590, the system runs absolutely stable again.
That is embarrassing for AMD, because the problem do occur obviously only on AMD only systems.

nope on intel platform it does bsod also, im on 9900k with a 5700 keep getting bsod one method i used is install the drivers via device manager but u loose all wattman functionality so far never crash yet keep fingers crossed.

Journeyman III

For anyone looking for a solution, try moving your GPU to another PCIe slot..  It's the only way we could get our machine running stable.  Literally replaced every single component in the case, different brand memory, XMP off, XMP on (bad bad bad), 2 sticks of ram, 1 stick of ram, mixed up the mem in slots, tried every BIOS available, tweaked SoC voltages (helped reduce crash frequency), force PCIe to v 3.0, reinstalled clean Win10 on different SSD, with and without chipset/GPU drivers, disabled onboard mobo components...  only thing that really helped was moving the card to the 3rd PCIe slot (bottom).

Asrock x570 Pro4, 2700x, MSI 5700xt reference design.

Video Scheduler Internal, BSOD,  Black Screen Freezing, Stuttering, video tdr error, crashing