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Journeyman III

5700xt 3600 crashing

Here's another post for the same issue.

At the beginning of January I built a new PC. I had always advised my friends to stick with Intel nvidea combo because the reliability was always there. But amd was making a ton of advancements and due to the market I went to amd.

The build

ASUS tuff gaming X570 plus

Thermaltake tough ram 8 x 2

750 psu gold plus

3600 CPU

5700xt red devil

Problem: everything will be running perfect, no issues, no stutters, just perfect. Then black screen and pc reboots. All temps are fine.  Always kicks me back Reported by component: Processor Core
Error Source: Machine Check Exception
Error Type: Cache Hierarchy Error
Processor APIC ID: 8

Since the build I have not had a single day that it has been stable. It has made me question every component. I have ran ddu more on this pc then any game. Sometimes with certain settings I’m fine to game for a couple of hours. One day I only crashed once. Yesterday I couldn’t hardly play for 10 minutes. 
what I have tried:

I have install all recommended versions of adrenaline way back to 19.2xxx

I have manually installed all of those drivers also.

different chipset drivers

i have updated bios twice, once’s to the newest Recommended then updated to the newest beta

I have pcie link state to off

shoved as many fans in this pc case as I can.

i have tried under clocking and volting.

On my os drive I have done a lot of clean installs. On a spare ssd I downloaded a fresh copy of cod.

I have a usb full off all of my drivers so I never have windows connected to the internet during setup.

I have changed bios setting to set pcie slot to gen 4, gen 3.

I have turned off pretty much everything in adrenaline.

turned off free sync on my monitor so it’s not even an option.

ran all the normal benchmark test, prime 95, heaven, mem test and everything always passes without an issue. 

I had cable mod cables to the gpu(two individual runs), switched them for the stock ones with the unit. 

tried a Corsair psu I have. 

I’m starting to run out of ideas. And I love this setup when it works, but I have probably invested 50 hrs into it already. Amd support just keeps telling me to ddu and install fresh drivers. I’m really over that at this point. If anybody has any ideas I’m willing to try about anything. 





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Is that RAM kit on the QVL list for the board? What RAM speed? Try manually setting the IF (FCLK) to half the RAM speed. Like if the RAM is 3600, set the IF to 1600, for 3000 set the IF to1500. The auto setting doesn't always work the best. Try setting the SOC voltage manually to 1.10v, you may have to enable PBO to do this. If you have an LLC set it in the middle, like 3. Don't use the BIOS with Patch C, it causes issues. Disable C states and sleep modes. Re-enable PCIE 4, that's not causing this.

Next install driver version 20.8.3 or 20.9.2 for the GPU. You used DDU before, so make sure it's done in safe mode. Disable the auto driver update feature in the Radeon software. Use a high performance power plan with no sleep or hibernation. Make sure the SSD is set to never turn off. 

If you still get this error and you're running the latest Windows 20H2 with the Feb update, then you should RMA the CPU, provided that RAM is on the QVL. I had issues with this error and error 18 on my 3600x and it was RAM/IF related in the end. The video driver caused me some issues as well which led me to using the 20.8.3 driver. It can be difficult to narrow an issue down when there's many variables and not one single cause to pinpoint. Checking the RAM being proper for the board, then straightening out those few BIOS items, finally moving to the most stable video driver should fix it up. 

It took me 7 months to get mine right. I almost sent the CPU back but after fixing the RAM speed and IF speed, it was ok. The video driver came last to stop game crashes. Wish AMD would make stuff that just works!

"It worked before you broke it!"