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Journeyman III

5700G reduces refresh rate as I add displays. What limitation am I hitting here?

I have a Ryzen 5700G and I am using an ASUS B550 motherboard with 3 video outs (2 DisplayPort and 1 HDMI). I have no dedicated video card.

I can drive three displays at the same time. And each output can successfully drive a 4K display at 60hz if it's the only display. But I cannot run 3 displays at 4K at 60hz, and the limitations I am running into are not clear to me.

I can run two 4K displays at 60hz. If I add a third display of any type, the maximum refresh rate choice for the two 4K displays drops to 30hz. Also, the resolution on the third display might be limited to something less than its maximum resolution. site

Also, if I run just one 4K display at 60hz, and have two other 2K monitors connected, the max refresh rate on those 2K monitors drops from 75hz to 60hz. Or, I have to run the 4K monitor at only 50hz.

So, it's not completely shocking that nobody cares about running 3 x 4K with integrated graphics. But there is nothing in the spec of the processor or the motherboard that I see that would prevent this from happening. What is going on here? Specifically, what limits the refresh rate? And, is this correct behavior?

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