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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

5700 xt suttering

System spec

MB :Asus Prime X570-PRO
CPU: 3800X
RAM: 32 Gb TridentZ neo
PSU: Corsair cx750m
GPU: XFX rx 5700 XT raw II
Storage: WD Blue SD NAND 500Gb

Recently built this system for my birthday and had no stuttering issues in the few games I tried with my GTX 1060 6gb. So far I'm very impressed with the performance, but my experience is being bogged down by the fluctuating fps, hitching and micro stutters. Things I have tried to remedy this situation are using DDU, clean installing windows 10, changing pcie express from auto to 3 in the BIOS, turning off Anti-Lag, turning of Enhanced Sync, turning off overlay. I tested in a few games that I enjoy and found it happens to stutter in most of them. These game include Witcher 3, Monster Hunter World and DOTA 2 (however its less stuttering and more very choppy looking for dota).

Also noticed that Adrenaline 2020 20.1.1 software is not working all that well. For example the overlay will just sometimes disappear and cause frame drops or the game will be running at well above the fps shown (usually saying 60 fps when it is well above that).

Would prefer not to have to return it, but if their is no fix at this time I still have a window where I can return it and get my money back. So any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. DxDiag in description if that helps.

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