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Journeyman III

5700 XT owners - Give these methods a shot

I was having issues from day one (on the verge of taking it back) and I've managed to sort my issue through trial and error.
This is what I've found so far:

Apex legends - it does NOT like this game for some reason. Discord overlay is an issue I've been having with this game since it was released so I found it curious that I was having similar issues with this card since I installed it. So it lead me to believe that the overlay used in the Radeon software could be the issue here. Disabling it, I noticed an improvement because sometimes when I'd go to adjust something in the overlay, it would cause a system crash.
Do NOT use any form of overlay with this card whatsoever... I mean anything! Anything that overlays over the top has caused issues for me and system hangs (including Riva Tuner) . Disable it! Radeon overlay is the prime suspect in all of this when I first started and since disabling it, most of my troubles went away.
For that matter, dont even use the Radeon software at all. DDU uninstall the AMD software entirely (in safe mode) until it's stable and bug free. Delete the AMD folder, extract the graphics drivers after reboot (but don't install), install the driver from device manager instead (while the driver installer is still open in the background) and then close the installer once done. You've now got the driver without the rubbish software installed.

You can use MSI afterburner with the Beta 2 driver recently released that supports this card, and create your own fan curve instead, but note that there is an issue while MSI is open that can cause the screen to flicker black every 2 or so seconds. As soon as you close it, it goes away.

I honestly haven't had any crashes or hangs since I've followed these methods so far apart from Apex legends. Apex is still a bit hit and miss. I can got 5 hours no issues, or I can get a system hang right at the wrong moment of game play.
But every other game I've played for over 2-3 hours and I'm yet to have a crash.

Good luck!

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