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Journeyman III

5700 xt 1440p 120 hz problem

Cant run any game 120hz 1440p here. Have ryzen 7 5800x , tuf x570x no wifi, 16 gb corsair 3600 ripjaws, evga 650 gq and sapphire pulse 5700xt. Radeon software version 21.1.2

All that is hooked to this tv with new monster hdmi cable

Borderless windowed option works in every game (120 hz) , Iam trying to find solution for full screen. Desktop works fine with 1440p 120hz ,games work 1080p 120hz no problem just getting capped to 60hz in 1440p which is really annoying. I got this specific tv coz of 1440p 120hz in the first place. Hopefully my investment wasn't bad and I can use this system as planned. Also have Dell G3 laptop with nvidia1060 graphics and runs 1440p 120hz fullscreen with my tv, so thats fine , hdmi cable as well.

Is there any solution for this? Thanks

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I'd suggest checking your chroma settings as 4:4:4 may not be supported at some resolutions/refresh rates. Just like so many others, I'm waiting for the time when they get the driver boards to perform at monitor levels for HDTV's. That crossover time is getting closer, but until then we have to make trade offs.  

"The LG UM8070 supports all of the common 60Hz input resolutions and most of the 120Hz resolutions except for 4k @ 120Hz, which requires higher bandwidth than the available HDMI ports can provide. It can display most of them (except 1080p @ 120Hz) with proper 4:4:4 chroma, so that text looks clear, as long as the input icon is changed to 'PC' from the Home Dashboard, and the HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color setting is enabled for the port in use. The HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color must be enabled if you wish to use the full HDMI bandwidth, which is necessary for some resolutions like 4k @ 60Hz + HDR."


X570 Taichi, Ryzen 3600XT, 32G of F4-3400C16D-16GSXW, XFX RX5700, NH-D15, Fractal Design R5, SilentWings 3 case fans, Intel 660P M.2 1T, WDS256G1X0C M.2 256G

 HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color and Pc from home dashboard are activated. with that activated my only option is 4:4:4 full or 4:4:4 limited. 1080p 120hz is fine, 4k 60hz as well, 1440p 120 hz works on desktop only, for some reason it drops to 60hz in games. This only happends if game doesnt have fps setting to set 120 fps. Usually notice its not smooth and press ctrl+alt+del and mouse cursor is laggy as hell .As soon as I exit the game it switches to 120hz and everything is fine.

With HDMI ULTRA HD Deep off max refresh rate is 60hz for 1080o and 1440p.Only that way I can change to 4:2:0