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Journeyman III

5600xt High Gpu Memory Usage

5600xt is using lot more GPU memory compared to Nvidia gtx 970. Mostly in WoW and LoL.

Compared to gtx 970 same settings and setup:

GPU Dedicated Bytes in WoW 10s after logging in :

  • gtx 970
    • 70 Mb on dx11
    • 97 Mb on dx9
  • 5600xt
    • 280 Mb on dx11 
    • 550 Mb on dx9

WoW in high load scenarios:

  • 130 Mb on gtx 970
  • 1100+ Mb on 5600xt

GPU Dedicated Bytes in LoL :

  • gtx 970 
    • 150 Mb at 3 minutes
    • 170 Mb at 8 minutes
  • 5600xt
    • 280 Mb at 3 minutes
    • 370 Mb at 8 minutes

GTX 970 uses maximum of 130Mb for WoW. I could have multiple clients open and still play other games and use rest of the memory. 

This is not possible on 5600xt.

It seems like 5600xt is trying to use as much GPU memory as possible. It caps at 5.7Gb regardless on how many clients I run. 

Having multiple WoW clients open each of them to use 1Gb+ of VRAM causing lag and fps drops. 

VRAM is my only bottleneck, CPU, GPU, RAM are at <10%

I tried 6+ different drivers, every setting in radeon software, fresh win 10 install and nothing helped.

Is this normal for Radeon GPUs? Any idea how to fix this?



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