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Journeyman III

5100 dual monitor issues

I'm trying to set up dual monitors from my Firepro 5100 and nothing seems to be working.  They are both identical brand new monitors, the primary(which is working) is hooked in with a DisplayPort cable, the second (which won't even show up as detected) is DisplayPort adapter to DVI to DisplayPort adapter,. both adapters came supplied with the GPU.  The second monitor works as a primary when plugged directly in, so there is nothing wrong on that front, this seems to be a problem with the gpu specifically.  Any ideas?  I bought this damn thing specifically because it claimed to be able to do this, and now I'm just wasting time I don't have.

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How is exactly the second monitor connected? DisplayPort adapter to DVI to DisplayPort adapter !!!!! The W5100 has 4x DidplayPort outputs. What adapter are you using? Your adapter might be defective.

  1. What is the make and model of your monitors?
  2. What is your OS?
  3. Which driver version is installed?

Yes, as stated, starting at the #2 DP port on the gpu, it's a DP to DVI adapter, DVI cable, a second DP to DVI adapter into the DP port on the monitor.  Have another suggestion to get from the only option out of the gpu to go to either a DP or an HDMI on the monitor without a DP cable?  I'm all ears... 


Both adapters were supplied by AMD with the 5100.

Both monitors are Samsung 27" CF398 Curved LEDs

Windows 10

I think I was using v18.6, what ever the most recent driver is.  I would check, but now I can't get either monitor to work.  I was double checking the second monitor and plugged it into the HDMI slot of the cpu, which crashed the 5100 driver, then without thinking about it, I switched the DP cable (yes, an actual real DisplayPort cable) for the primary monitor to the secondary, which still didn't get a signal.  I switched the cable back to the primary, but now IT didn't get a signal.  Needless to say, I tried every imaginable configuration at that point before giving up and getting out my laptop.  Seriously frustrated now, $500 of monitors, a $300 GPU, and a $1100 desktop all turned into doorstops....


I don't understand your inquiry at all. You have 2x Samsung C27F398 monitors, which have 1x DP and 1x HDMI input. Your FirePro W5100 has 4x DP.

  1. Why do you need a DP-DVI adapter in first place?
  2. Where do you connect them? Don't tell me that you are using DP-DVI adapter on the monitor !!!!!
  3. All you need to do is to get 2x straight DP cables and connect your GPU with the monitors