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Journeyman III

2019 iMac Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB causing issues with Adobe Lightroom and Camera RAW.

I've posted about this in the Adobe forums as well. A year ago, Adobe Lightroom 12 was released. Lightroom uses Graphics Accelerator to improve performance. Once LR 12 was released, any image in the Develop Module would present posterization in the deep shadows. This was not an issue with previous versions of LR. I've been back and forth with Adobe and Apple trying to resolve this problem. Many said that the problem lies with the graphics card manufacturing needing to provide an update. With Apple, firmware updates come with OS updates. After several OS updates and LR updates, I'm still stuck with this same problem. LR just released version 13, and still no solution.

Is anyone here aware of what the next steps might be to find a solution? I can't seem to locate a way to send a support ticket to AMD, which would be a great place to start. My Apple Care expires next month. 

iMac 27" i9 5k Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB

Thank You! DD 



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