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Journeyman III

1800x / RX580 screen tearing

Hi guys,

I just bought a Dell 5675 with a Ryzen 1800x and RX 580 to run Prepar3D (flight sim). First ever AMD PC and I was really hoping to like it, but...

Downloaded, installed, ran fine for about 15 minutes, then random flashes on the screen, then it starts tearing, then it starts jerking and hiccuping.

Check 1,000 different things, adjust the monitor refresh rate, update all the drivers (MOBO, graphics card). Full uninstall, full reinstall, and run up the sim again. All sliders at the lowest, and wow! 200 FPS, no studdering, tearing, works like a dream!.. for 15 minutes. Then starts the flashing again.

It does the same thing with any video, including YouTube. Even when I have the Radeon Settings program open, if I move the mouse around it flashes. Yesterday I had a browser page open and the letters were all bleeding down the screen. It's basically useless.

What can I do? Everything is updated. Clean install. Literally nothing else on this PC. The ONLY reason I got it is for p3d. No addons running. I just don't get it.

Please help a very frustrated simmer...

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