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Journeyman III

XFX RX 6600 speedster problems

I recently purchased this card for my new build and am having some issues. I noticed that with the new Adrenaline software I am not picking up Microsoft games first of all, only steam games show up. And second my Microsoft game Asphalt 9 I get sections of the screen that flicker sometimes in game. Its just sections of the screen that tear for a second or so. It doesn't happen all of the time, every couple of races or so, sometimes just once or twice in a 5 hour session. I have tried using HDMI and DPI cables, seems DPI it doesn't happen as much. Not a single problem surfing the net or anything else, just the one game. At first I thought it was a driver problem, I reset my PC and redownloaded Adrenaline, then was confronted with an ownership problem to be able to run the installer. I fixed that problem and got a fresh download, that did not help. Does this still sound like a driver problem or do you think I have a faulty card? In steam games I do not have issues so far except I noticed gpu usage goes to 100% with temps staying good. This is my second AMD, I usually go NVIDIA but did not have this problem with the first AMD card. Any thoughts or advice? I have messaged the retailer to see what there opinion is too...

i5-11600k, 32GB 3600 RAM, XFX RX 6600 Speedster, ASUS mobo, M.2 500 GB, Vertex 3 120 GB SSD, all white build...
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