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X670 motherboard with many PCIe-slots

Same, same, but different! There are no X670E X670 B650E B650 MBs with PCIe utilization along the lines of suggest X670nonE below!?X670MBlayout_ver02.jpg


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Out of curiosity, what would you connect to those PCIe slots? So you put GPU in one and it is a good idea to have a slot in case you need a wifi card, network card, sound card or something, but one or two of those is likely more than people use.

Well MADZyren..
We've discussed it at other locations in the forum, right!?!?

Anyways, if you take the time to actually study the block diagram you will find suggested use,

You state "...but one or two of those is likely more than people use".
So, each MB partner provide 20 or so versions/models each to fore-fill that statement, -isn't that enough?
(As I've informed you elsewhere, I use one(1) of the single lane PCI-slots, labeled miscellaneous, for a cable TV AIB.)

I was hoping for the "developer" forum,  but so far I seem the only one in the world(?) who doesn't think a aluminum slab over four M.2 connectors is the best thing since pre-sliced bread.

An extra GPU for rendering while other your using for gaming/working etc.

Some folks like to mine, even if unprofitable, more a game, strategy motivated etc.

Capture card for YouTube Content minimizing impact on something like game play.

Extra SSDs.

Professional cards like sound for studio production in a single system for multiple tasks. 

Anyways I normally fill up all available pcie slots. The newer 670E/670 boards with production type setups with 7950x are a joke for usability for me combined with the price -> Hell No.

I have looked at several 600 series Motherboards and they have like 2-3 PCIe slots in total. Maybe in the future they will come out with motherboards with more PCIe slots on it.

In my case I would need a PCIe slot for:

1- GPU Card

2- TV Tuner card


4-Wifi/Bluetooth card if Motherboard has no integrated Wifi/BT

5-Internal Modem Card as backup modem if Printer with Modem goes bad.

So I would need a Motherboard with a minimum of 4 PCIe slots with 2 being X16 slots with at least 8 SATA Ports on it.

NOTE: The Motherboard you created would be great as long as it accepts High RAM Density sticks like 32GB since you only have 2 DIMM slots.


I myself never understand the need for as you require; like 8 SATA ports!
However, I have nothing against it in principle, -would be possible if extending the spec from X670nonE to a X670E with PCIe->SATA-expanders presuming "time-sharing" is of no issue.

About DIMMs, we should expect DDR5 (as the "new" interface specification suggest) sticks with larger (enough) memory, so, piling on sticks as on a "server" may not be required!? Better to maintain physical signal integrity aspects!?


The reason for so many SATA Ports in my Tower Computer case I have 5 Internal HDDs plus 4 Burners. Actually 3 burners since one of them is now defective.

2 burners uses IDE and the other 2 uses SATA. Thus the need for a SATA/IDE Card to power my IDE Burners until I replace them with SATA in the future.

I have one SATA Port available in case I get another SATA Device.

But for the majority of Users I imagine 6 SATA Ports would be well enough for their use.

My case is a bit unique by the many HDDs and Burners I have in my computer case.


Right, forgot about the burners

Buildzoid is with me!

on the tube [9/11-22] | Actually Hardcore Overclocking | Rambling about Gigabyte's AM5 motherboard lineup



Buildzoid is with me, -again!

on the tube [11/10-22] | Actually Hardcore Overclocking | What DDR5 to buy November 2022.


..regarding DDR5 socket count (ranks)


Where are the PCIe 5 slots?


Referring to the block diagram; there is one(1) M.2 up along the DDR5-slots and a second currently labeled "PCIe3-red colored" in the upper-most PCIe(x4)-slot. Not sure if it is doable to make it a PCIe5 due to perceived PCB-layout constraints!?
...and the upper PCIe5 x8 slot where I downgraded the lower x8 to PCIe4 considering long traces...

You may also notice a discrepancy  between the block diagram and the 3D model. decisions, decisions...


Anyone else wanna chime in!?

Journeyman III

Looking at all the x670e motherboards.  They're all failures.  I think Asus ProArt maybe the closest to a real offer.  But its still a failure.  IT all comes down to the Number of PciE lanes.  24+4 does not cut it.

I want Display Port 1.4a - 2.0 and  HDMI 4x that does massive refresh amd number of monitors.

But, I also want two LAN Ports.  Aquanta 10G doing 10G,5G,2.5G,1G, 100mb.  and an SFP+ port supporting all.

I want USB4 on Down.  I want Thunderbolt.   I want all the audio jacks.  

I want all 16x ports at x16 lanes.   I want a mix of PCIe 5 and 4.   

I want the M.2 SSDs on big boards that plug into the slots.  I want one board to do 8 to 16 SSDs

I don't want to share any of the lanes 

This along the line of Threadripper no?  I like many cores but I liked balance in with a proper number PciE Lanes too!

Making a Ryzen9  7950 with only 24+4 Lanes is just stupid.   Should have had at least 64 Lanes.

Then I would seen some real motherboards and spent some real cash.  The PC world is on the down

slope for years.  Why?  It's simple the maker failed to produce on time and in a proper form.

All the motherboard makers are limited in what they can do here.  Not enough Lanes.

Thus, the Ryzen9 I like isn't purchased at all. 

It the whole package that does for me and most customers.