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Journeyman III

Would a wraith spire be enough to cool a 5800x for browsing the internet ?

I recently bought a x63 nzxt cooler and didn't know it would interfere(pushing up against first stick) with my g skill trident z ram because of the large pumps. So, I want to send it back to amazon before the 30th(return limit), and buy a corsair XT 280mm cooler, but i'm wondering if the wraith stealth would be good enough to cool the 5800x for a fews days, while I wait for the corsair aio to arrive. I asked on reddit, but got no answers. hoping to get some answers here

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Your 5800x needs a CPU Cooler with at least a TDP of 125 Watts or higher to be able to maintain the processor from overheating under normal conditions.

The 5800x TDP is 105 Watts so you need a CPU Cooler with a higher TDP than 105 watts to cool the processor.

But if you have a Wraith Spire you can test it to see if it doesn't overheat during just normal computer use like browsing or watching videos.

If you had a Wraith Prism then it would be better since that CPU Cooler has a TDP rating of 105 watts which should be able to keep the processor from overheating but in my opinion run hot though.

NOTE: Found out the highest Ryzen TDP of 95 Watts is being bundled with the Wraith Spire. So most likely the Wraith Spire has a TDP of 95 watts. So I believe under heavy stress your processor is going to overheat with the Spire.


I'm going to try it out, do you know how i can download my cpu to like 3600 ghz so it wont be as hot. at least until like 2 days


To be honest for 2 or 3 days I wouldn't mess with the processor also I forgot to mention if you use a CPU Cooler that isn't made to run correctly on the processor AMD will void the warranty if the processor gets damaged in any way:

Screenshot 2021-08-19 104255.png

You can try and disable PBO and other settings in BIOS that makes the processor run faster by overclocking automatically.

Also in Windows Power Plan Options you can set the Minimum and Maximum Processor there.

Note: In Ryzen Master you can change the speeds and voltages but I highly suggest you don't and just wait the 2 or 3 days without a PC until the CPU Cooler gets in rather then take a chance you might do something to the processor.