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Journeyman III

Will StoreMI work on a first gen CPU?

I've currently got a first gen 1700X and I'm wondering whether StoreMI would work with this CPU if paired with a B450 or X470 board?

I'm currently running on a B350 board and I've inherited a 240GB SSD. I'm aware that I can use the alternative of Fuzedrive rather than StoreMI on the B350 chipset but I'm limited to 128GB with the $20 option and I may as well invest in a new motherboard if I'm going to consider the $60 option.

So will a 1700X + B350/X470 board work with StoreMI? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Will StoreMI work on a first gen CPU?

According to this User at , Ryzen 1xxx are compatible with x470 Motherboards:

According to AMD STOREMI GUIDE :  Any Ryzen CPU plus a 400 series Motherboard will be needed to install STOREMI.

Journeyman III

Re: Will StoreMI work on a first gen CPU?

It's giving me an error. I have an ASUS B450 and Ryzen 7 1700 motherboard. When I install STOREMI, I get an error saying that the processor is incompatible with the motherboard.


Re: Will StoreMI work on a first gen CPU?

To be honest we see a lot of complaints on this software development doesn't seem to be moving out of beta level software either. I don't know how serious AMD is really working on this tech. 

That being said if they say they support it, it should work. However the original store mi software was completely replaced by the store mi being offered now. 

So maybe some of those claims are just non updated web pages where the old software did work and now does not. I have no idea. Ask AMD support they should be able to at least tell you if your hardware is or is not compatible or if the software has a bug.