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WhynotW11 Alternate PC HEALTH CHECK program

Reddit AMD Forums recommends using this stand alone, without installing, alternate to MS PC HEALTH CHECK.  It lets you know if your PC's Hardware is compatible or not or is set up for W11.

You can download it from GitHub:

Here is my results with my PC which I have my BIOS set for CSM Mode (Legacy) except it is running under UEFI Mode.


This is actually better than MS PC Health Check because it shows exactly which part of your PC is not compatible with W11.





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I was trying to add " I also have fTPM 2.0 enabled on my Ryzen Processor" but kept getting red warning that "Highlighted has incorrect HTML" and to correct it so I just canceled the edit and added to this reply.

Nice find...thanks for sharing


Looks like my laptop is ready when I am. About 2025


Yes, my shows that I "support" Secure Boot but it isn't enabled since my Monitor has no video output during Boot except when Windows starts loading when I have Secure Boot enabled.

So I am first going to use Microsoft own Registry hack that was made available to OEM Manufacturers and other companies to by pass W11 Minimum Requirements including Secure Boot. I will only be using the Registry hack to bypass Secure Boot requirement and see if W11 works normally or not. If it doesn't then I have no choice but to enable Secure Boot in BIOS and use my Samsung TV set to have access  to BIOS during boot.

In case anyone is interested in Microsoft Registry hack to bypass W11 Minimum Requirements here is where you can see how to do it from Bleeping Computer website as linked by ZDNET article earlier:

NOTE: If your computer is not support by W11 due to not meeting the minimum Requirements and you use Microsoft Registry make sure you make a System Backup image in case W11 runs really bad or is extremely slow due to not having the proper security options enabled in BIOS on your hardware like TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot and have only 4 GB of RAM Memory installed.

The registry only bypasses the TPM 2.0, Secure Boot, and 4 GB limitations during W11 installation.