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Journeyman III


I had a GPU in cart multiple times now, hit place order with all necessary details, and still get booted back to product page, or asked to complete recaptcha when I have done it 50 times. Really AMD? This is how you treat your customers? It is time to kick Digital River to the curb. I have wasted hours of my life doing this every week there is stock, for months now. I was really rooting for you guys, shares in the company, hardware in my PC, just feeling so beat. This has been the biggest strain on my mental health. I have tried on ISP, VPN, LTE, refreshing and clicking about a thousand times every 30 minutes, still nothing. What is it going to take?

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Re: Why?

You are preaching to the choir. If you want to contact AMD >

Journeyman III

Re: Why?

Well you aren't the only one in that boat. Same thing happened to me, get to the last part of ordering to just get kicked back to the product page. No telling how many times I tried ordering one today.

You guys need to work on a better ordering system for the average guy. I am sure the majority of the cards today went to people mining or planning on selling it on eBay for twice the price.

Adept II

Re: Why?

Take a deep breath. It isn't the end of the world.

If you got a graphics card, just wait til there's stock.

If not maybe buy an entry level card at a "fair price" to ride it out. By fair, I mean close to msrp rather than a discounted.

I am sorta just gonna keep on playing games with my current card, even though I can't play at ultra and 144hz at 1080p.

I think at this point, I'll get whatever new card I can that has a reasonable price and performance, even possibly including intel's xe hpg card  when it comes out.

Trying to bid while amd subtly changes its time to 12 midnight and some other time or having a fake cached page served to you can take a toll.

I have a life and work beyond trying to refresh every week, like many people have pointed out.